Bachelor’s/Master’s 5-year Programs

The Bush School of Government and Public Service has joined with Texas A&M University's Departments of Political Science, Economics, Agriculture Economics, International Studies, and Sociology to offer six joint-degree programs that allow students majoring in political science, economics, sociology, agriculture economics, and international studies (in the politics/diplomacy track) to enter the Bush School at the beginning of their fourth year of study at Texas A&M University. This enables students to receive both their undergraduate and master's degrees in five years.

Each joint-degree program requires completion of a certain amount of undergraduate coursework, a set of core prerequisites, and a minimum GPA (depending upon department) to qualify for admission. Interested students should work with their department advisor in their freshmen and sophomore years to ensure that all necessary courses will be completed before Bush School entry. Admissions criteria, including a GRE test score and recommendations, will be the same as for other Bush School degree applicants. Interested juniors should apply in the winter preceding the fall semester they plan to enter the Bush School.

The two joint-degree programs offered by the Department of International Affairs are Economics - MIA and International Studies - MIA.