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Welcome to the Bush School of Government & Public Service
Welcome to the Bush School of Government & Public Service
Welcome to the Bush School of Government & Public Service

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The Bush School of Government and Public Service, named after George H.W. Bush, 41st President of the United States, was founded in 1997. Currently, the Bush School is ranked in the top 25 graduate schools for public affairs for 2023. The Bush School educates principled leaders in international affairs, political science, and public service, conducts research, and performs service.

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Why attend the Bush School of Government and Public Service?

Quality education with a blend of professional and academic faculty members

Emphasis on public service both in the classroom and beyond with team-based capstones, simulations, and case studies

Affordable degree options with generous financial support for in-residence students


Bachelor's in Political Science

The Bachelor's in Political Science offers a strong curriculum aimed at enhancing students’ understanding of foreign and domestic politics, along with essential training in research methods, strengthening their critical thinking abilities, and enhancing students’ written, verbal, and visual communications skills. The curriculum builds skills in research and data analysis.

Bachelor's in International Studies

The Bachelor's in International Studies, International Politics and Diplomacy track offers students a fundamental understanding of foreign relations. Students learn about the workings of governments and civil societies in a global framework. Students come away from the program with a sound understanding of how governments communicate in global settings.

Master of International Affairs

The Master of International Affairs prepares students for professional careers in global affairs. The curriculum provides students with knowledge and analytical skills in diplomacy, international politics, regional studies, intelligence, international economic development, and is taught by faculty who combine a mix of scholarly and professional international experience.

Master of International Policy

The Master of International Policy program is intended for students who have already spent at least four years experience in the professional field of international affairs, broadly understood. The program expands students’ worldview and prepares them to advance their careers. Students choose between two tracks available.

Master of Public Service and Administration

The Master of Public Service and Administration develops principled leaders for the public and nonprofit sectors. The MPSA program is fully accredited by NASPAA. The curriculum provides students with knowledge and analytical skills in management, leadership, policy analysis, and research methods.

Online Executive Master of Public Service and Administration

The Online Executive Master of Public Service and Administration (EMPSA) program further develops and prepares highly skilled and knowledgeable principled leaders for public service with the in depth expertise to excel and lead in the public service field. Students choose between three tracks available.

Master of International Affairs & Public Health (Combined)

The Bush School and the School of Public Health have combined to offer students the ability to receive both a Master of International Affairs degree and a Master of Public Health degree in a three year period. These two degrees are a natural fit. Diseases do not stop at borders. That is a public health and a national security reality.

Master of PSAA & Education (Collaborative)

The PSAA and EAHR Collaborative Degrees Program (CDP) is a coordinated educational effort of the Bush School and the College of Education and Human Development. The CDP is designed for those individuals who intend to build an academic career focused on conducting research in the field of education policy.

Master of PSAA & Public Health (Collaborative)

The PSAA and HPM Collaborative Degrees Program (CDP) is a coordinated educational effort of the Bush School and the School of Public Health. The CDP is designed for those individuals who intend to build an academic career focused on conducting research in the multidisciplinary field of health policy and economics.

Bachelor’s/Master’s 5-Year (3+2) Programs

The Bachelor’s/Master’s 5-Year (3+2) Programs enables students to receive both their bachelor's and master’s degrees in five years. The Bush School has joined with several Texas A&M departments to offer seven joint-degree programs that allow students to enter the Bush School at the beginning of their fourth year of study at Texas A&M.

PhD in Political Science

The PhD in Political Science program emphasizes theoretical and methodological rigor and is designed to train applied social-scientists for careers in research. The program mandates that all students complete a common core of applied formal theory and statistical modeling coursework in addition to the general substantive requirements.

Bush School DC

The Bush School’s vision to inspire excellence in the noble calling of public service was greatly expanded with the opening of the Washington, D.C. Teaching Site. Bush School DC offers instruction toward the Master of International Policy (MIP) degree and a Master of National Security and Intelligence (NSI) degree.


  • Merit scholarships range from $1,000 to $29,000 per year

  • 100% of on-campus, full time MPSA/MIA students receive awards

  • In-state tuition and fees are awarded to MPSA/MIA non-Texas scholarship recipients

  • Graduate assistantships are available for select second-year students

  • Cost of living estimates are about $21,000 per year

  • Tuition/Fees + Generous Scholarship + Low Cost of Living = AFFORDABILITY

In-state Tuition/Fees @ 24 hrs $13,500
Average Bush Scholarship-$5,000
Average TUITION/FEE COST$8,500

Out-of-state Tuition/Fees @ 24 hrs$26,200
Average Bush Scholarship -$5,000
Non-resident T/F Waiver-$12,700
Average TUITION/FEE COST $8,500


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The Bush School and Texas A&M University are working to achieve diversity and inclusivity through a strong, demonstrable presence of diversity in our faculty, staff, students, administrators, and supporters; an environment where the opportunity to fully participate does not inappropriately or unintentionally depend on elements of an individual’s identity; and an equitable environment where success depends on work effort and contributions that advance the mission of the University.

Diversity Initiative at the Bush School


Photo of three Bush School faculty members teaching classes

The Bush School faculty includes highly regarded academics and seasoned public service and international affairs professionals. All have had distinguished careers; are well credentialed; and are fully engaged in the School's extensive research agenda, institutional activities.

Read more about our faculty


Consistently ranked as one of the best places in the nation to live, the twin cities of College Station and Bryan offer the excitement and vibrancy of larger cities, without the traffic, crime, and high costs of living. Both cities have an abundance of well-maintained parks and recreational facilities, ranging from hiking and biking trails to outdoor concert venues. Affordable housing options are readily available close to the Bush School – with many directly on Texas A&M bus routes. Within easy reach of four of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, our students can easily explore all of that Texas has to offer.

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