Annenberg Presidential Conference Center

Accessibility for Patrons and Visitors

The Annenberg Presidential Conference Center works to ensure that all performances and events at the facility are accessible to all patrons. If you have any questions or would like to receive information about accessibility in the Annenberg Presidential Conference Center, please contact us. All events held at the Conference Center follow ADA guidelines. For any additional information, please contact our office at 979-862-3488 or at

Accessible Entrances

All of the entrances to the Annenberg Presidential Conference Center, including the front area, banquet spaces, and auditoriums, are accessible. There is also accessible parking in Lot 41, located next to the Annenberg Presidential Conference Center.

Accessible Seating

Both auditoriums, Frymire and Hagler, have wheelchair and scooter accessible locations at the front and back of the auditoriums. Patrons can choose to remain in their own wheelchair or move to one of the auditorium seats. Please inform us if you will be needing one of these seats, and we will be happy to have those accommodations upon arrival.