Vision & Mission


Inspiring excellence in the noble calling of public service

“In 100 years, I hope it will be said that from our school came generation after generation of people who are committed to public service for the right reasons—they believe that public service is noble and they believe they can make a difference.”
– President George H.W. Bush

Mission of The Bush School

Empower and equip future leaders to meet the challenges of a dynamic world

Contribute to knowledge-building, innovation, and problem solving through excellence in research and practice

Enrich our communities, nations, and the world through a lifelong commitment to public service

To support this vision and these missions, we reaffirm our belief in the following core values of this great university:

Excellence ✯ Respect ✯ Leadership ✯ Loyalty ✯ Integrity ✯ Selfless Service

We also recommit to the principles of public service and democracy and the value of diversity of thought and expression that have helped define The Bush School since its inception.