5-Year Joint-Degree Programs

Master of Public Service & Administration

  • Political Science-MPSA
  • Economics-MPSA (PPA)
  • Agricultural Economics-MPSA (PPA)
  • Sociology-MPSA

Master of International Affairs

  • Economics-MIA (IDEP)
  • International Studies-MIA

Undergraduate students pursuing the five-year joint degrees above are eligible for a $1,000 Bush Scholarship in their first-year enrollment in the Bush School. Higher funding is granted in their second year, as mentioned in their Admissions letters. Because students are still classified as U4 status in their first year, they are charged undergraduate rates and should check with TAMU Financial Aid to ensure their undergraduate scholarships and aid continue to apply. Between the first and second year at the Bush School, students are moved to the graduate level (G7 status) and our financial awards and costs now apply. Joint-degree students are also able to compete for the coveted graduate assistantships, if qualified.

Select either the MPSA or MIA in the left-hand menu for more information on second-year costs. First year estimates will be closer to current undergraduate rates at 12 hours.