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June 02, 2020: James Olson, "Unbelievable Spy Stories" BYU Radio
May 29, 2020: Former Dean Andy, "CEO OF GEORGE & BARBARA BUSH FOUNDATION TO RETIRE JUNE 5th" George and Barbara Bush Foundation
May 29, 2020: Joseph Fair, "Dr. Joseph Fair Details His COVID-19 Battle: ‘If It Can Take Me Down, It Can Take Anybody’" Today
May 29, 2020: Christine Crudo Blackburn and Leslie Ruyle, "How leadership in various countries has affected COVID-19 response effectiveness" The Conversation
May 29, 2020: William Brown, "The Local Nonprofit Leaders’ Response to COVID-19" WTAW
May 29, 2020: Eric Lewis, "A Smart Business Decision: Drilling Even When it’s Unprofitable?" Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago
May 13, 2020: Raymond Robertson, "How decline in demand for apparel affects poor women in Bangladesh" World Bank Blogs
May 06, 2020: F. Gregory Gause, "Oil, Coronavirus Cost Saudi Crown Prince" U.S. News and World Report
May 05, 2020: Jeanne Andreski, "President Young Announces 2020 Meritorious Service Award Recipients" Texas A&M Today
May 05, 2020: Bush School, "Bush School opening teaching site in Washington, D.C., in fall" The Eagle
May 04, 2020: Raymond Robertson, "Coronavirus Pandemic Causing Worst Recession In 100 Years For Houston And Beyond, Texas A&M Economist Says" Houston Public Media
May 04, 2020: Bush School, "Texas A&M Teaching Site Bolsters Legacy Of Bush 41 In D.C." Texas A&M Today
April 30, 2020: Raymond Robertson, "COVID-19 The Texas A&M System Responds - Episode 4" KAMU-TV
April 30, 2020: Kenneth Taylor, "Study: Area non-profits concerned about payroll; struggling for money, volunteers" KBTX News
April 28, 2020: Gerald Parker, "A&M professor says Texas will be the "model for the nation"" KBTX News
April 27, 2020: Dennis Carroll, "Why not let everybody get infected to create herd immunity?" Galveston County Daily News
April 24, 2020: Raymond Robertson, "The Coronavirus Recession Is Here – And It’s Unlike Anything The U.S. Has Seen Before" Texas A&M Today
April 23, 2020: Eric Lewis, "The future of oil futures: A&M energy economist discusses how price drop will affect Brazos Valley" KBTX News
April 21, 2020: Gregory Gause, "Crude carnage: 'There's pain everywhere' says analyst" AlJazerra
April 20, 2020: Raymond Robertson, "The state unemployment trust fund is set to run out of money, but you will get paid" KVUE
April 17, 2020: James Olson, "Bush School's James Olson talks with C-Span's City Tour about his book "To Catch A Spy"" C-SPAN
April 17, 2020: Leslie Ruyle, "Texas A&M School Of Innovation Calling For COVID-19 Proposals" Texas A&M Today
April 16, 2020: Gerald Parker Christine Blackburn, "COVID-19 The Texas A&M System Responds - Ep.2" KAMU-TV
April 16, 2020: Gerald Parker, "How Texas Gets To The Next Stage Of Pandemic Response" The Texas Standard
April 15, 2020: Gerald Parker Christine Blackburn, "Texas A&M scholars urged U.S. to prepare for a impending pandemic years ago" Houston Chronicle
April 15, 2020: Christine Blackburn, "A&M pandemic expert: ‘This virus is going to be with us for several years’" KBTX News
April 15, 2020: Gerald W. Parker, "How soon until we go back to normal? Here are the 5 stages of COVID-19 pandemic" ABC 13
April 11, 2020: Gerald Parker, "Texas A&M pandemic expert: Coronavirus will have 5 stages. We’re in stage 2" Houston Chronicle
April 10, 2020: Gerald Parker, "Texas A&M advisory group to coordinate coronavirus efforts" The Eagle
April 09, 2020: Raymond Robertson, "Where are Texans losing their jobs? This map shows mass layoffs" KVUE-TV
April 08, 2020: Christine Blackburn, "A&M pandemic expert: It’s ‘likely’ the U.S. will see an autumn COVID-19 resurgence" KBTX News
April 08, 2020: John Schuessler Jasen Castillo Kimberly Field, "Texas A&M experts weigh in on federal response to COVID-19 (Third in the Series)" KBTX News
April 08, 2020: Christine Crudo Blackburn, Gerald Parker, Andrew Natsios, "Texas A&M experts offer virus insights during online forum" The Eagle
April 07, 2020: John Schuessler Jasen Castillo Kimberly Field, "Texas A&M experts analyze the national & global response to COVID-19 (Second in the Series)" KBTX News
April 06, 2020: John Schuessler Jasen Castillo Kimberly Field, "Analzying the national & global response to COVID-19 (First in the Series)" KBTX News
April 06, 2020: The Bush School, "Texas A&M System Starts TV Series on COVID-19 Fight" San Angelo Live
April 04, 2020: Raymond Robertson, "Coronavirus cases rose 85% since Monday, but that's not all that happened" KVUE-TV
April 04, 2020: Andrew Natsios, "America was unprepared for a major crisis. Again." Washington Post
April 01, 2020: Raymond Robertson, "Texas' economic outlook faring better than other states during coronavirus outbreak" KHOU-TV

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