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Dean Card Speaks on the Constitution

October 09, 2012

October 9, 2012

As part of Blinn College’s Constitution Week events, Bush School Acting Dean Andrew Card spoke to 400 Blinn students, staff, and faculty.  Card said his speech offered a different perspective on the Constitution’s development and role in the United States government.

“I tried to remind students that the Constitution was created because the Articles of Confederation were not working,” Card said.  “However, there were strong opinions against the Constitution.  It only came about as a result of many compromises, and was incredibly difficult to ratify.”  Card also noted that “the most important word in the Constitution is a two letter word: ‘we.’  The Articles of Confederation were about the states, but the Constitution is about us.”

Connecting the discussion of the Constitution to his role as chief of staff to President George W. Bush during the events of September 11, 2001, Card noted that there were “big challenges” during that time to the president’s oath and duties as outlined in Article II of the Constitution.

Card also pointed out a little-known connection between Bryan-College Station and the Constitution.  Don W. Wilson, then archivist of the United States, certified the ratification of the twenty-seventh amendment to the Constitution in 1992, some 203 years after its initial submission—a controversial decision on an amendment dealing with congressional pay schedules.  Wilson later served as executive director of the George Bush Presidential Library and Library Foundation where, as Card noted, he was “instrumental in bringing the library to Texas A&M.”

Card said that he was grateful that Blinn celebrates the Constitution and delighted to be invited to take part.  He further highlighted the importance of public participation in government, noting that apathy towards politics and government is one of the country’s biggest challenges.

“The Constitution is an invitation to serve the country and the government,” Card said. “I want more people to get involved and to answer that invitation.”