News from the Bush School

Bush School Fever

June 22, 2011

By Kara Socol

Elizabeth Jones ’12 was used to her mom helping her with high school homework. She never would she have imagined, though, that a few years down the road, she’d be critiquing her mom’s assignments.

But when a mother and daughter are enrolled at the same school at the same time, extra advice is one of the perks.

“We didn’t have any of the same professors, but we sure had some of the same pressures like writing papers,” said Elizabeth of her mother, Leslie Jones ’78, who until recently was a fellow student at Texas A&M’s Bush School of Government and Public Service. “It’s been interesting reading her papers and looking at her perspective.”

When it came to challenging academics, the two women knew quite well what they were getting into when they enrolled at the Bush School. For yet another Jones woman, daughter and older sister Kimberly Jones ’08, preceded them there, graduating from the Master’s Program in International Affairs (MPIA).

Her first time at Texas A&M, Leslie received a bachelor’s degree in history with a minor in English. She then earned a law degree before moving to Idaho with her husband, Donald Jones ’77.  While she was thrilled to once again be an A&M student, Leslie didn’t actually move to College Station like her daughters, but took courses online from her home.

In May, she received the Bush School’s Certificate in Nonprofit Management.

Thus far, the Bush School experience has served the three Jones women well.

Kimberly is working for a Homeland Security think tank in Washington, D.C. Elizabeth plans on interning in Berlin this fall as part of her MPIA program, then pursuing a career in governmental diplomatic work. Leslie’s focused on forming a non-profit organization that helps abused children in the public school setting.

“It was a very exciting experience for me,” Leslie said of her Bush School undertaking. “It challenged me in every way possible.”

Elizabeth added that in her field, it just doesn’t get any better than the Bush School. “It has one of the best practical programs in international affairs out there right now for the best price.”