News from the Bush School

Bush School Brings the ‘Dillo Home

April 20, 2011

Bush School students with the Dillo cup trophy

After a two-year drought, the ‘Dillo Cup returned to its rightful home at the Bush School on April 16, 2011.  In the 12th annual “Duke Out for the ‘Dillo” softball game against the LBJ School, the Bushwhackers delivered a thrilling 23-21 victory to a crowd of students, faculty, staff and alumni who gathered in College Station to support the team and compete for a year’s worth of bragging rights.

The day’s events began with the 4th annual “Hall of Fame Game” between Bush School and LBJ alumni, staff, and faculty.  The Bush School improved their record in this game to 2-2 with an impressive show ending in a score of 20-5.  Six alumni, four staff, and one faculty member helped deliver the resounding blow to the Bleeding Hearts of Austin.

The main event got off to a shaky start, as the Bushwhackers were behind 2-13 in the second inning.  But with solid hitting and aggressive running, the team overcame the deficit and went into the seventh inning leading 23-18.  The Bleeding Hearts continued to fight and looked poised to take its lead back, but the Bushwhacker defense prevented that from happening.  Sixteen Bush School students brought back the famed ‘Dillo Cup trophy to be proudly displayed in the halls of the Bush School for the next year.

After the game, the two schools put aside the rivalry to enjoy a barbecue lunch and other activities, including soccer, flag football, and Frisbee.  Next year, the Bush School will look to improve its record to 8-5 when the teams meet again in Austin.