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Vedlitz Award in Science and Technology Policy Studies Bestowed on Michael Migaud

May 04, 2020

Micahel Migaud

Michael Migaud, earning his Master of Public Service and Administration degree, is this year’s recipient of the Vedlitz Award for Excellence in Science and Technology Policy Studies. This award is bestowed upon a graduating student who demonstrates particular excellence in science and technology studies as indicated by work completed as a graduate assistant researcher or for classes, capstone course, or an individual paper. The award is open to both international affairs and public service and administration students in the Bush School.

Upon learning of the award, Migaud said, “This award means a lot to me as it reflects the hard work I have put into understanding the public policy implications of emerging science and technology during my time at the Bush School. I am especially appreciative of how much time and energy Dr. Kent Portney and the Institute for Science, Technology, and Public Policy have committed to improving my research skills. Science and technology continue to play an increasingly important role in our economy, and I look forward to studying these changes in the future.”

Professor Robert Greer noted that Migaud has been an exceptionally productive scholar in the area of science and technology policy while at the Bush School. “As a student, Michael solo-authored a paper on space debris that has been published in the journal Space Policy (“Protecting Earth’s Orbital Environment: Policy Tools for Combating Space Debris”). Having a solo-authored paper published in a peer-reviewed journal as a master’s student puts him in a class of his own.” He is following up that accomplishment by working with Greer and Dr. Justin Bullock on a paper applying the adaptive governance framework to space policy.

In addition, Migaud was a Texas Lyceum Fellow during this school year. As a Lyceum Fellow, he researched Texas home buyout programs after natural disasters. He presented his work at the Texas Lyceum’s PubCon Conference in Waco, TX, and published it in an issue of The Takeaway, which may be read here. Professor Brian Nakamura stated, “Michael is a distinguished researcher with developed analytical and critical thinking skills. He approaches projects objectively with emphasis on detail and applicability.”

Dr. Arnold Vedlitz established this award in 2016 by funding an endowment. The awardee receives a check and commemorative plaque. Vedlitz, Director Emeritus of the Institute for Science, Technology, and Public Policy and holder of the Bob Bullock Chair in Government and Public Policy, saw the award as a way “to reinforce the growing importance of science and technology in identifying problems and finding solutions to a range of policy issues.”