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Bush School Pets Bringing Joy During Social Distancing

April 14, 2020

Bush School Student's Dog

Bush School Student’s Dog

By Samantha Gordon

Bush School students, faculty, and staff came together last week to share some happiness amidst these difficult times. This came in the form of their pets! With just around forty people joining the call, including Dean Welsh, the first Bush School Pet Show proved a success.

The idea stemmed from the Assistant Director of the Public Service and Leadership Program, Holly Kasperbauer, who is known throughout the halls of the Bush School for her love of all animals. Her dogs and her foster dogs often make welcomed trips to her office to greet students and provide stress relief. Holly understands the healing effects of animals, whether felt by their owners or others, can provide much-needed happiness during these times of uncertainty.

With many students and faculty struggling with the new norms of social distancing, Holly reached out to students to see if there would be interest in a pet show, a time for students to introduce their furry family members to their classmates. Piquing the interest of several who liked and agreed, she saw this as something for them to look forward to. As many eagerly logged onto the zoom call, the first Bush School Pet Show became an hour of furry faces and smiles lighting up the computer screens.

The pet participants on the Zoom call came in a variety of sizes, from hamsters and chickens to cats and dogs and even horses. Each had the opportunity to be introduced and bragged on by their loving owners. As many people continue to try to find some joy in this new “normal,” it is the small things that really bring us together. We hope furry faces are filling many screens and hearts during these times!