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First Annual Bush School Research Day

October 01, 2019

Faculty at the First Annual Bush School Research Day

Bush School Research Day

Bush School research activities were on display at the first annual Bush School Research Day held on September 19.

Dr. Kent Portney, Director of the Institute for Science, Technology, and Public Policy (ISTPP), welcomed those attending on behalf of the Bush School’s Research Support Committee, while Dean Mark Welsh commended the faculty, staff, and students for the quality of the work displayed. Texas A&M’s Vice President for Research, Dr. Mark Barteau, also attended the event and praised the quality and quantity of research conducted by the Bush School.

Dean Welsh noted the impressive research output for the past two years: ten books, ninety-two refereed academic journal articles, and twenty-five book chapters were published between April 2017 and July 2019. Copies of articles published in the last year were available for attendees to review and take. Posters of several research projects were also on display. Door prizes included copies of books published by faculty over the past year as well as Bush School commemorative items.

“Bush School researchers are addressing important public policy issues at all levels of government,” Welsh said. “Their work will have significant impact on how important government decisions are made and continues to enhance the School’s reputation for academic excellence.”