News from the Bush School

Davis Publishes Book on Domestic Terrorism

December 02, 2010

Dr. Danny Davis, director of the Graduate Certificate in Homeland Security program at the Bush School of Government and Public Service, has just completed a book on domestic terrorism. Published by Praeger, the book, The Phinehas Priesthood: Violent Vanguard of the Christian Identity Movement, is the second in a series entitled,  Security International’s Guide to Terrorists, Insurgents, and Armed Groups


Davis describes American guerrilla fighters and clandestine operators who work in small cells or as individuals against the government or specific laws as following the “Phinehas model,” that is, they perceive that a higher cause or a greater good negates all or some portion of civil law. Based on that determination, they resist perceived evil, acknowledging only the leadership of their God. The book is built around the words of some of these leaderless resistors, men labeled as Phinehas Priests or Army of God warriors. Much of Davis’ research is the result of extensive interviews with several of these resistors, currently serving long prison sentences.