News from the Bush School

Lower Colorado River Authority General Manager Discusses Energy and Environmental Issues

November 16, 2010

The Bush School was pleased to welcome Thomas Mason, general manager of the Lower Colorado River Authority, for a brown bag seminar on November 1 entitled, “Meeting Texas’ Water Needs in the 21st Century: Problems and Solutions.”  Mason discussed his organization’s role in providing water and generating electricity for Texas residents as well as energy and environmental issues that will factor into future decision making.

One to two times per week during the academic year, the Bush School hosts individuals with diverse backgrounds in government and public service at lunch time “brown bag” seminars.  These discussions provide students an opportunity to meet with speakers in an informal setting and share experiences and perspectives.

Mason’s visit coincides with the 75th anniversary of the Lower Colorado River Authority, which was established as a conservation and reclamation district by the Texas Legislature in 1934. In discussing technological innovations that can help conserve water as the population of Texas grows, he noted that the state’s diverse water resources pose important questions for public officials.

Following the discussion, Mason took questions from Bush School students and faculty on the regulation of groundwater, statewide pipeline systems, aquifer property rights, and the effects of increased demand in the agricultural sector.