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Air Force Aid Mike Gould Shares Moving Stories about President Bush

November 08, 2018

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Mike Gould speaking to Bush School students in a classroom

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Mike Gould speaking to Bush School students

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Mike Gould recollected memories from his time as President George H. W. Bush’s Air Force Aid from 1990 to 1992, telling stories about the down-to-earth nature of the Bushes. Gould spoke to students, faculty, and staff at the Bush School of Government and Public Service.

Gould fondly spoke of the time he first met President Bush, when Bush personally congratulated him on changing jobs and offered a prayer for Gould’s sick mother. Gould showed photos of when Bush found out the Soviet Union collapsed and when the Bushes’ dogs were born.

Gould highlighted Barbara Bush’s character by describing her insistence that Thanksgiving dinner be made for all the service members protecting the First Family. Gould noted that the Bushes were “just like regular people” and “down to earth in nature.”

Students, staff, and faculty were mesmerized by the stories and pictures of the president the school is named after.