News from the Bush School

Bush School Nonprofit Center & Chamber of Commerce Announce New Programs for Local Nonprofits

November 08, 2018

The Center for Nonprofits and Philanthropy at the Bush School of Government and Public Service, Texas A&M University, and the Bryan/College Station Chamber of Commerce are working together with nonprofits in Brazos Valley to strengthen the impact of nonprofits.  They received a $5,000 grant to offer a one-day training for Brazos Valley nonprofits as a part of a new initiative.

The Union Pacific Grant will go toward a professional development workshop. The Brazos Valley Initiative will improve local nonprofits’ management and their understanding of customers. The Chamber of Commerce will be a vital partner in this initiative as businesses are necessary to philanthropic work.

The mission of the new Brazos Valley initiative is to “support a vibrant nonprofit and philanthropic sector in Texas and beyond through high-quality research, professional outreach, and engaged learning.”

Dr. Will Brown, Professor at the Bush School, said the goal is to help nonprofit partners solve problems and strengthen their boards. Brown said the hope is to use the model to branch out to other communities and global initiatives.

“Our hope is that it has some applicability to others and that we can distill some of the learning that we have. So we see it as a classic experimental situation to test out some ideas and see how well we do at being able to implement those ideas and then do the best we can do document what we’re doing and talk about it in a way that’s coherent and bring it back to an audience that we also interact with, which is the academic audience,” Brown said.

An event to kick off the new initiative was held on October 9. Neil Bush is part of the advisory board and attended the launch event.