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Bush School Ambassadors Talk Internships at Houston Aggie Women’s Club Luncheon

October 10, 2018

Pictured from left to right. Chikhladze, Ronnie Walkoviak, Alley, Sharleen Walkoviak, and Jasmine Walia. Photo provided by Jasmine Walia.

Pictured from left to right. Chikhladze, Ronnie Walkoviak, Alley, Sharleen Walkoviak, and Jasmine Walia. Photo provided by Jasmine Walia.

Three Bush School students representing the School’s Ambassadors Council recently discussed summer internships and Bush School experiences at the Houston Aggie Women’s Club monthly luncheon. The luncheon included Bush School donors, who could see first-hand the impact they have on the School.

The Bush School Ambassadors Council is a student organization that represents the Bush School of Government and Public Service at development functions, alumni events, and Bush Foundation events. Ambassadors serve as official student hosts of special guests and provide support for recruitment efforts.

All Bush School students are required to participate in either an internship or a language immersion program between the first and second year of the program. Chief Ambassador Jasmine Walia, Ambassador Mariam Chikhladze, and Ambassador Ashley Alley all described their internship experiences at the Aggie Women’s Club luncheon.

Chief Ambassador Jasmine Walia, who interned in the Habitat for Humanity International Government Relations and Advocacy Office, noted the event provided an opportunity for alumni to see what Bush School students accomplish during their time in the master’s programs.

Ambassador Mariam Chikhladze interned at the Hudson Institute and said it was good to present the Bush school and show the audience at the luncheon how the Bush school helps students with searching for internships and providing professional advancement opportunities for students.

“It was an honor to represent [the] Bush School on this platform. On the one hand, it was an excellent opportunity to talk about my professional experience and future career aspirations and get meaningful feedback from respectable people. On the other hand, it was a good chance to express my gratitude towards the school administration and its donors for all their effort in making our grad school experience so enriching and [a] professionally rewarding journey.” Chikhladze said.

Ambassador Ashley Alley also attended the luncheon and spoke about her experience interning at Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s office’s Child Sex Trafficking Team. 

“The luncheon was a wonderful opportunity to see the power of the Aggie network. Even after graduation, in some cases decades later, these incredible individuals are still networking with one another and staying connected to the current student body. I was also deeply touched by their unconditional support for myself and my passions, even if they did not share in those particular passions themselves. The Aggie network is a strong one!” Alley said.