News from the Bush School

Medals of Excellence and Leadership Certificates awarded at the Bush School

June 07, 2018

The Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University recently recognized second-year students who fulfilled the requirements for the Medal of Excellence and the Leadership Certificate at a ceremony in the Presidential Conference Center.

Bush School Dean Mark Welsh presented the awards to both groups and congratulated them on their outstanding achievement, hard work, and dedication to excellence.

“These students have demonstrated their commitment to public service, and the work they’ve put into earning these awards has sharpened their writing, communication, and leadership skills and will serve them well in their future careers,” said Dean Welsh.

The Medal of Excellence and Leadership Certificate were developed to enhance students’ learning and further develop students’ leadership skills during their time at the Bush School. The Leadership Certificate, now in its twelfth year, was awarded to fifty-eight students who completed the necessary requirements, which include a leadership class and workshops alongside the completion of an individual leadership plan, formal leadership experience, and service project participation. Twenty-six students in the Master of Public Service and Administration (MPSA) program and thirty-two in the International Affairs (IA) program received the Leadership Certificate.

Students who earn the Medal of Excellence must fulfill the requirements for the Leadership Certificate as well as create a reflective learning ePortfolio. This ePortfolio prompts students to connect their learning across interdisciplinary experiences, such as participation in leadership programs, courses, internships, and other experiences. Four students in the MPSA program and eight in the IA program received the Medal of Excellence. This was the third year the award has been given.