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Bush School Professors Awarded University T3 Grant

March 20, 2018

Kent Portney

Dr. Kent E. Portney

Dr. Kent E. Portney and Dr. Ann Bowman have been awarded one of the first “Texas A&M Triads for Transformation,” or T3 grants, along with Dr. Sierra Woodruff in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning.

T3 is a multidisciplinary program that provides funding of $30,000 to groups of three faculty members (triads) in at least two different colleges at Texas A&M to stimulate and support innovative, collaborative research. Under the T3 program, each tenured or tenure-track faculty member is provided access to one (and only one) token, which can be redeemed for $10,000 each once three faculty members agree to work on a posted project. Projects must be new and must not be continuations of prior research. Created as part of the President’s Excellence Fund, T3 is administered by Texas A&M’s Division of Research (DOR).

Ann Bowman

Dr. Ann Bowman

Portney said this grant will support the launch of a project called “101 Resilient Cities Policies and Programs,” with the goal of critically assessing the policies and programs the 101 largest US cities use to implement their respective resilience plans. The project will also involve Dr. Bryce Hannibal from the Bush School’s Institute for Science, Technology and Public Policy and Dr. Garett Sansom from the School of Public Health.