News from the Bush School

Faculty and Staff Receive Awards for Service to Bush School

November 30, 2016

Bush School Faculty and Staff who received awards with Dean Welsh

Damon Wallace, Rebecca Burgner, Dean Mark Welsh, Dr. Domonic Bearfield, Janeen Wood, and Dr. Kent Portney

Faculty and staff of the Bush School of Government and Public Service gathered to recognize outstanding faculty and staff members for their dedication and contributions to the School.

Bush School Dean Mark Welsh presented awards to Dr. Kent Portney in appreciation for his teaching, research, and service contributions and to staff members Rebecca Burgner and Janeen Wood for their service to and support of the Bush School.

“I am continually impressed with the dedication of the Bush School faculty and staff and the caliber of work they do,” said Dean Welsh. “Each and every member of this institution is vital to the ongoing success of the School.”

Dr. Domonic Bearfield was recognized by the Texas A&M Association of Former Students for receiving the College Distinguished Achievement Award. The Association’s annual award is given to exceptional members of the faculty in each college in recognition of the recipient’s expertise and dedication to teaching students.

Faculty member Dr. William West as well as staff members Janeen Wood and Damon Wallace were also honored for their years of service to the Bush School.  Wood and Wallace have served for twenty and twenty-five years, respectively, while Dr. West has served Texas A&M and the Bush School for thirty-five years.