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Scowcroft Institute Hosts Army Fellows

September 01, 2013

August 28, 2013

Lieutenant Colonel Michael D. Henderson

Each year, the Scowcroft Institute for International Affairs (SIIA) hosts three senior Army officers for a year’s academic study, as part of the United States Army War College’s Senior Service College Fellowship Program. The goal of the Fellowship Program is to promote cooperative academic exchanges between selected United States Army officers and civilian educational and teaching facilities.

The Bush School Army Fellows for 2012-2013 are Lieutenant Colonel Michael D. Henderson, Lieutenant Colonel Jason A. Carrico, and Lieutenant Colonel Julian H. Bond. While in residence at the Scowcroft Institute, Army Fellows complete a major research project on a topic of strategic relevance to the Army and the Institute as well as take coursework and engage with other Bush School students.

Lieutenant Colonel Jason A. Carrico

Lieutenant Colonel Henderson gave several reasons for choosing the Bush School for his fellowship.  “Texas A&M was my top-ranked choice because I found the program description very appealing in many regards—curriculum, a distinguished faculty and practitioners, and the location,” Henderson said.  “Since receiving my master’s degree in public administration, I have had a keen interest in how governments and bureaucracies work.  Following three deployments to Iraq executing national policy, I saw the Scowcroft Institute as an opportunity to better understand how the policy and strategy we soldiers execute is developed.  I also consider it a tremendous honor to attend a school that carries the name of a former president,” he concluded.  Lieutenant Colonel Jason Carrico added, “I chose the Bush School because of its quality reputation and faculty, and I thought it was absolutely the best choice for all things related to international affairs.”

Lieutenant Colonel Julian H. Bond

Assistant director of the Scowcroft Institute, Colonel Don Bailey, noted that each of these officers have had multiple tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as important stateside tours, including command at every level.  “As with our past Fellows, I believe they will bring a unique perspective to the Bush School this year, which will prove very valuable.  They are all three very excited to be here.  The Bush School was their first choice of fellowship programs within the US,” Bailey said.

For more information on the Army Fellowship Program, go to  The fellows will present a SIIA International Affairs Seminar on “Enhancing the Academic Experience through Partnership and Engagement” on Wednesday, September 4 at 12:20 PM in 1110 Allen Building.  RSVP’s are required.  Please RSVP here.