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New Digital Signage System at the Bush School

February 22, 2013

February 22, 2013

Students, faculty, and staff at the Bush School of Government and Public Service were excited about a new digital signage system placed in the School’s main hallway.  Located down the hall from the Bush Bust on the first floor of the Allen Building, an old bulletin board was removed last fall to make way for a vibrant, large-scale welcome to the Bush School. 

A major upgrade from the bulletin board, the entire wall between two classrooms now features a large picture of President Bush, his quote that “…public service is a noble calling….,” and a 65-inch television monitor that provides dynamic, digital updates about the Bush School. The signage includes information about Bush School special events, important upcoming dates, student activities, career services information, special announcements, and national breaking news. It will also feature photos from around the School and events, as well as information in case of a campus or local emergency.

The system was implemented for several reasons: to communicate important information to students, faculty, and staff; to engage with prospective students and other visitors to the school; and help build awareness of the Bush School.  An additional television screen with identical information is located in the lobby outside the Mosbacher and Scowcroft Institutes on the east side of the building.

“Prior to this signage, there wasn’t much to indicate you had entered the Bush School,” second-year Master of Public Service and Administration student Jennifer Harris said.  “This is an innovative, eye-appealing way to promote news and updates as well as welcome visitors to the Bush School.”

The next phase of Bush School updates will likely include signage outside of the building between the Bush Library and the Allen Building. This will allow for the Bush School to be clearly designated when visitors come to the Library and walk to the pond or around the complex.