News from the Bush School

Bush School Students Participate in Leadership Forum

February 01, 2010

By Andrea Roberts, MPIA 2010

Four Bush School students participated in the 25th Texas Leadership Forum held in mid-January in Austin, Texas.

Professionals with authoritative leadership experience, including CNN commentator Paul Begala and Ambassador Karen Hughes, offered lectures and insight on their individual leadership experiences. 

“Ambassador Hughes encouraged us to pursue leadership with a focus on clarity of position and stressed the importance of effectively communicating those goals and ideas to the people we lead,” said Michael Walter, a Master of Public Service and Administration (MPSA) student from San Diego, Calif. 

The group participated in a series of individualized leadership training sessions and put leadership skills into action during a group breakout session.  Those attending were able to relate the material taught at the conference back to the Bush School classroom.   

“The conference offered an extension of subjects covered at the Bush School.  For instance, the sessions on state and local government and leadership in multiple sectors served as a complement to topics discussed in class,” said Sarah Jackson, MPSA ’11. 

The forum also provided significant opportunities to interact with experienced professionals in a variety of leadership positions. 

“The Texas Leadership Forum allowed us to network with professionals in local, state, and national government. The sessions allowed us to gain insight from authorities in the public sector and private sector,” said Paul Fagin, MPSA ’11. 

George Bush, 41st president of the United States, emphasizes the importance of public service and leadership as key components of a Bush School education.  Therefore, leadership activities are strongly encouraged to augment the Bush School curriculum.  Bush School students have the option to pursue the Dean’s Leadership Certificate in conjunction with their Bush School degree.