Polish Company Creates Scholarships For Bush Students in George H.W. Bush’s Honor

April 19, 2019

The Grupa LOTOS logo.

The management board of the Polish energy company Grupa LOTOS is establishing two scholarships for Polish students to attend the Bush School of Government and Public Service. The scholarships are named after the former president and will help Polish students study international affairs at the School.

The scholarships are the first to be available to Polish students who are attending the Bush School. The members of the Polish company created this scholarship because they have fond memories of when President Bush supported democracy in the country.

Patryk Demski, Robert Sobkow and Grzegorz Pytel, all senior executives of Grupa LOTOS, visited President Bush’s and Barbara Bush’s gravesites while attending the Bush School to announce the scholarships. 

Dr. Gregory Gause, Department Head of International Affairs at the Bush School, commented on the new scholarships. “The Bush School hosts students from all over the world.  That is a legacy of George H.W. Bush, whose presidency and whose whole career was dedicated to advancing American interests and American values around the world. It is an honor to have more Polish students at the School!”

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