In the Media

March 25, 2019: "U.S. exports get more competitive in NAFTA countries while losing ground in China" The Houston Chronicle

March 22, 2019: "Pres. Trump declares recognition of controversial territory as part of Israel" KBTX-TV

March 21, 2019: "Former Special Agent Robert Booth will explain how espionage plays into US security" The Battalion

March 20, 2019: "Bush School’s Welsh on Harnessing Disruption, Leading Innovation " Defense & Aerospace Report

March 20, 2019: "A&M political economist: Middle-class families would hurt most from student borrowing caps" KBTX-TV

March 15, 2019: "Study cited in Wisconsin debate on expanding Medicaid and taking federal money called 'garbage'" Oshkosh Northwestern

March 08, 2019: "China won't judge you: Why Saudi Arabia's crown prince is betting billions on Asia" CNBC

March 08, 2019: "President's emergency declaration may fail at the Supreme Court" The Eagle

March 08, 2019: "A gold-plated submachine gun and $20 billion: How Pakistan could get sucked into the Saudi-Iran rivalry" CNBC

March 08, 2019: "Saudi Arabia criticized over human rights by 36 countries" CNN

March 07, 2019: "Senate and House Democrats try again for debt-free college" KBTX-TV

March 07, 2019: "How Sweden’s Blind Altruism Is Harming Migrants" Quillette

March 02, 2019: "Bush School professor: Foreign aid plays key role in U.S. global policy" The Eagle

February 27, 2019: "The economic impact of Brexit on Texas and the U.S." KBTX-TV

February 24, 2019: "Bush School professor: Growing federal debt poses security threat " The Eagle