Ambassadors Council

The Ambassadors Council is a student organization that represents the Bush School of Government and Public Service at development functions, alumni events, and Bush Foundation events. Ambassadors serve as official student hosts of special guests and provide support for recruitment efforts. Serving on the Ambassadors Council gives students an opportunity to develop their leadership skills by engaging with and supporting Bush School students, faculty, and distinguished visitors. Primarily, the ambassadors are student liaisons to special guests and students invited to come to the Bryan/College Station community.

"Through its constant expectations for professionalism and academic showmanship, and its still young status as an organization, the Ambassadors Council has pushed my leadership development so that I'm challenged and stretched in new and innovative ways through representing the many Bush School institutions to the outside world," said Brandon Pichanick.

“We believe that having students engaged in various functions can be a plus to the School’s external activities,” Pichanick said. “Our job is to be the student connection between the institutions and organizations connected to the Bush School who regularly invite people to the campus. Our members have to be as comfortable conversing with national and international leaders as they are with a lost undergraduate trying to find his or her way around the School.”