Leadership Development Opportunities

The Bush School is fully committed to its founder's vision of educating and training principled leaders. By making leadership development and service core components of students' educational experience, the School reinforces his belief that successful individuals must have more than education, experience, and credentials. They also need the ability to effectively motivate and influence others by realizing their own leadership potential.

There are many opportunities for leadership development at the Bush School. Numerous speaker series, many coordinated with the Bush Library Foundation, provide students with unique opportunities for interaction with knowledgeable leaders from across the globe. These series are often offered exclusively to Bush School students, faculty, and staff as "Conversations in Leadership," a concept developed collaboratively by students and faculty. With "real-world" lectures to enhance classroom experiences, students gain important insights in leading and managing in the public and nonprofit sector from those who have experienced these roles first-hand.

Unique among peer graduate institutions, the Bush School's Public Service Leadership Program integrates leadership development into the curriculum, conducts relevant research and outreach, and produces publications related to leadership studies. The program was developed to underscore the belief that while education, experience, and credentials are important career elements, successful individuals must also have the ability to effectively motivate and influence others. The program provides experiences, self-analysis, and self-development opportunities that will help students inculcate habits of life-long learning and leadership self-development. Formal leadership instruction is augmented with workshops, seminars, and exercises that enhance students' skills in effective public management and leadership.

For more information about upcoming and past speakers, please visit the Bush School Events page.