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ISTPP’s Kang Publishes on Land Development Competition in Economic Development Quarterly

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ISTPP researcher Dr. Ki-Eun Kang recently published a paper with Dr. George Homsy of the Department of Public Administration at Binghamton University, State University of New York on regional competition and land development in Economic Development Quarterly. Their article was titled “Make Me a Better Offer: Developer Threats and Regional Competition for Land Development Projects”.

This research was designed to analyze the likelihood that land developers would exploit intermunicipal competition in negotiating development projects. Drs. Kang and Homsy use data collected from a 2013 online survey administered to planners and public officials for 1,607 municipalities, counties, and cities in the State of New York.

Kang and Homsy find municipalities can recapture power from land developers through regional collaboration. Communication between neighboring municipalities about development projects reduces the chances a developer will threaten to take a project to a neighboring community. They also find that high-income jurisdictions are less likely to be threatened by developers than low-income communities. Kang and Homsy conclude their article by suggesting future research should analyze how communities utilize different methods of public participation to influence property developer threats.

Kang, Ki-Eun and George C Homsy. 2020. “Make Me a Better Offer: Developer Threats and Regional Competition for Land Development Projects.” Economic Development Quarterly 34(1): 21–30. DOI: 10.1177/0891242419897124