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Dr. Liu Publishes Article in Research and Politics

Dr. Xinsheng Liu, ISTPP Research Scientist, with co-author Dr. Haifeng Huang (University of California, Merced), have published their article, “Historical Knowledge and National Identity: Evidence from China,” in Research and Politics.

This research examines the connections between historical knowledge and national identify. With original data from a nationally representative survey in China, the authors find that significantly more Chinese citizens overestimate than underestimate China’s objective historical achievements, and those who overestimate the achievements of ancient Chinese civilization tend to have stronger national identity. They also find that correcting misinformation can potentially affect individuals’ national identity.

Huang, Haifeng and Xinsheng Liu. 2018. “Historical Knowledge and National Identity: Evidence from China,” Research and Politics 5(3): 1-8. DOI: 10.1177/2053168018794352