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Dr. Bryce Hannibal Named LINKS Center Fellow

Dr. HannibalDr. Hannibal, ISTPP Assistant Research Scientist, has been named a Fellow of the LINKS Center for Social Network Analysis, Gatton College of Business and Economics, University of Kentucky. He received this recognition for his outstanding dedication to social network analysis and to the LINKS Center. Hannibal has participated in multiple advanced workshops on network analysis and has taught workshops on this analytical method. Hannibal is highly sought out by researchers here at Texas A&M for his expertise in this specialized field and other advanced research methods. an awardHe has used this method to further understand interlocking directorate board structures of nonprofit organizations (with Dr. Paarlberg) and is currently part of several interdisciplinary funded research projects that focus on identifying and leveraging the networks of flood prone communities to enhance their resilience in responding to disasters.