Cost of Living


College Station, centrally located within easy driving distance of Houston, Austin, Dallas/FW, Waco, and San Antonio, provides an urban campus with a small-town feel. Its affordable cost of living, economic opportunity, and spirited country-vibe help it rank on multiple sites as a great town in which to live. College Station offers a lively college environment and a great place for families, with well-maintained parks, recreation centers, trails and bike paths, as well as numerous entertainment activities here and in the region.

Cost of Living

The Bryan-College Station community has a bustling population of about 200,000 residents and is centrally located within the state. Compare our caliber and our affordability to competitor schools, and you’ll see why we are a “Best Buy” for your graduate degree.

Though living expenses for each Bush School student will vary according to personal needs, an estimated median cost for yearly expenses has been figured by Texas A&M University’s Scholarships & Financial Aid at approximately $21,000 a year.

Estimated Living Expenses

Books & Supplies$1000$1000
Room & Board$12,650$12,650
Loan Fees$160$160
Personal Expenses$4528$4528
Total: Living Expenses$20,616$21,666

Total Costs and Benefit

The estimated yearly cost for tuition/fees is about $13,000 per year, and the annual cost of living adds another $21,000. That puts our total cost per year at about $34,000 before scholarship support. When comparing these rates to other top-quality programs in the nation, you'll see why the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University is a best buy from a top public and international affairs institution—with programs and faculty competitive with the finest in the country.