Diversity and Inclusivity at the Bush School

"I take as my guide the hope of a saint. In crucial things -- unity; in important things -- diversity; in all things, generosity."

- President George H.W. Bush, Inaugural address

The Bush School and Texas A&M University are working to achieve diversity and inclusivity through

Bush School Star

A strong, demonstrable presence of diversity in our faculty, staff, students, administrators, and supporters

Bush School Star

An environment where the opportunity to fully participate does not inappropriately or unintentionally depend on elements of an individual’s identity

Bush School Star

An equitable environment where success depends on work effort and contributions that advance the mission of the University

Bush School Student
"Being an international student, and after working for several years, I was curious to know how graduate school would turn out in terms of developing professional and work relationships. The Bush School provided an excellent environment to connect with other persons sharing the vision of responsible public service at the international level. I am very pleased to say that I had the opportunity to meet many interesting students, and during my time at the Bush School I developed lasting networks and friendships with faculty and fellow students, both international and American. I am glad I chose Texas A&M."

Juan M. Pintor, INTA ’15

Bush School Student
“As an active duty Army officer with over 13 years of experience, I have had the opportunity to lead Soldiers though some of the most challenging situations in the field. Through my two years at the Bush School, I have been able to strengthen my leadership, strategic thinking, problem solving and analytical skills; all of which will make me a better overall officer. Through the efforts of the faculty and fellow students, I feel prepared more than ever to head back to the Army, as an even stronger leader with a refined skill set and a renewed sense of excitement to serve this great nation.”

Rebecca K. Lesemann, PSAA '15

Bush School Student
"I chose the Bush School because of its emphasis on public service. Out of all the programs I considered, the Bush School was the only one that incorporated a service component in the curriculum. I knew the Bush School would prepare me to not only be a great manager in the public sector, but also a true servant-leader."

Priscilla R. Barbour, PSAA '16

Bush School Minority Enrollment Reaches 24 Percent

The minority enrollment at the Bush School of Government and Public Service, Texas A&M University, reached a record-setting 24 percent this fall.

Bush School faculty and students have increased efforts in diversity and inclusion planning and recruitment in recent years through a range of programs and initiatives. As a result, minority enrollment has continue to increase each year.

Dean Mark Welsh with 14 Bush School students doing a Gig'em

Diversity Student Spotlights

Hear from students on the importance of diversity and inclusion at the Bush School.

Matthew Gaskin

The Association of Public Policy and Management (APPAM) honored Bush School student Matthew Gaskin with the Equity and Inclusion Fellowship. Gaskin is one of twenty-five graduate and professional students granted the fellowship from schools across the nation.

“I am honored as an individual to be selected for this fellowship program,” said Matthew Gaskin. “The opportunity to represent the Bush School at the national level at such an important conference is also very exciting to me.”

Read more about Matthew's Fellowship

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

Scholarships and financial assistance are available to all Bush School students. All full-time, resident Bush School students receive financial assistance. The Bush School provides a number of merit and criteria-based financial awards for students to support their graduate study. Both domestic and international students are eligible for consideration, unless otherwise noted.

More information about financial assistance at the Bush School

"The School's financial aid package has allowed me to focus on school and not stress out about money. It seems that the school's philosophy is 'if you want to be here, we will help you be here.' It is a very supportive school in so many ways."

- Cindy Alvarado, Class of 2015

Cindy Alvarado

Student Diversity Committee

The Bush School Diversity Committee is a student-led organization that is part of the Student Government Association. Its purpose is to provide both a forum for and community of students to discuss issues relating to diversity and inclusion. Previous initiatives have included monthly "Brown Bag Lecture Series" talks that brought in speakers to discuss issues regarding race, gender identity, the concept of privilege, and women's rights; a "Big Bushie/Little Bushie" program to help introduce first years into the school community; language tutoring and social outreach to Bush School international students; and social outings.


The Bush School of Government and Public Service and Texas A&M University are committed to providing resources to students and faculty of all backgrounds. A wide number of organizations, institutions, and advocacy groups are available on the campus.

Diversity Brown Bag Talks

The Diversity Committee Brown Bag Lecture Series are monthly lunchtime talks organized by the student-run Diversity Committee. Speakers are brought in from within and out of the university community to provide different perspectives on issues surrounding diversity, including gender, race, discrimination, and multiculturalism.

Watch the Diversity Brown Bag Talks

"I have a number of happy memories of the President. I respect him as a remarkable leader and public servant, yet his sense of humor and easy conversation always made me and my fellow students feel comfortable in his presence. He is always so interested in what you are doing. That sincere interest in others is a rare quality, and I think it is a hallmark of President Bush’s character."

-Sarah Jackson, Director of Public Affairs for the Dallas Citizens Council & Bush School Class of 2011

Sarah Jackson


Professor Ren Mu teaching at a black board

The Bush School faculty come from many diverse backgrounds and bring varied perspectives to the fields of international affairs and public administration. They strive to enable students to view the world in new ways and challenge their existing assumptions.

Read more about the Faculty at the Bush School

"The Bush School faculty is wholeheartedly committed to a positive and engaging environment, that is inclusive of all students."

-Dr. Leonard Bright, Assistant Dean of Graduate Education & Associate Professor

Dr. Leonard Bright

Bush School Diversity Committee

The Bush School Diversity Committee develops and maintains the Bush School Diversity Plan. It promotes initiatives to support diverse faculty, staff, and students within the Bush School. The Committee compiles information and observations consistent with annual reporting requirements of the University Diversity Plan due December 1 annually. Additionally, the Committee offers guidance for Bush School admissions to connect with Historically Black and Hispanic-Serving Institutions within the Texas A&M System and similar institutions across the state and the country. It provides recommendations on how to engage community leaders and the former Bush School student/alumni national network to highlight the importance of diversity concerns for current and future public servants.

See the Diversity Report Powerpoint from 2015

Domonic Bearfield, Associate Professor

Gregory Gause (ex officio), Department Head of International Affairs Department and Professor

Blease Graham, Chair, Assistant Dean of Assessment and Diversity Initiatives

Kathryn Meyer, Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Laurie Paarlberg, Associate Professor

Gabriela Marin Thornton, Instructional Associate Professor

Matthew Upton, Assistant Dean

William West (ex officio), Acting Department Head of Public Service Administration Department and Professor