Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are my chances of getting a job after graduation?

A: If the success of previous Bush School graduates is any indication, you are very likely to find employment upon graduation. Of course, how quickly you get a job and how closely it matches your interests depends on many factors, including how diligently you search and how prepared you are for your search, the economy, your qualifications, your salary expectations, etc. By taking advantage of the resources the Bush School's Office of Student Services offers and by continually developing your network of contacts, we believe you will increase your chances of securing a job upon graduation.

Q: Will the Bush School's Office of Student Services get me an internship or job?

A: There are many services that the Bush School provides to help you, but the ultimate responsibility for getting an internship/job is yours. You will need to assess your skills and interests, focus on a career goal, and make sure you are well prepared for your career choice. In addition, you will need to learn how to market yourself successfully to recruiters. The Office of Student Services is here to help you along the way in your career development, and we will help you make valuable connections with employers, former students, and public sector leaders.

Q: As an international student, what are my chances for employment?

A: It is more difficult for an international student than a U.S. student to find employment in the U.S. However, with careful planning, you can increase your chances of success. As an international student, you will probably be eligible for practical training which permits you to work for a specified period after graduation. Since most employers do not want to hire a candidate for only a limited time, the employer will need to sponsor your H1 visa. It will be your responsibility to convince the employer that it is worthwhile for him or her to make the extra effort and pay the legal expenses required to sponsor you.

Since the job market is extremely competitive for international students, you will need to be especially well prepared and persistent in your job search. It would be advisable to work closely with Student Services during your two years at the Bush School to develop a strategy and to take advantage of internships and networking opportunities.

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