Prof. Natsios to Lead Observation Mission of Tunisian Elections

October 19, 2014

Prof. Andrew S. Natsios, Director of the Scowcroft Institute, departs this Tuesday for Tunisia, where he will lead an observation mission for that country’s historic parliamentary elections on October 26, 2014.  The observation delegation members comprise a number of nationalities including Egyptian, French, Jordanian, Malian, Moroccan, Spanish, and Togolese.  Other notable U.S. and European delegates include US Congressman Tom Petri, Max Boot, Council on Foreign Relations, Scott Carpenter, Deputy Director of Google Ideas, Bruce Chapman, the Discovery Institute, Barbara Haig, the National Endowment for Democracy, Amy Hawthorne, the Atlantic Council, Pierre Prevot-Leygonie, Mobilization Directe, France, and Mart Gonzalez Vasquez, Member of Parliament, Spain.

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