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Dr. Erin Snider Receives Policy Engagement Fellowship

June 20, 2018

Dr. Erin Snider

Dr. Erin Snider

Dr. Erin Snider received one of five Bridging the Gap Policy Engagement Fellowships, which are part of a special initiative at American University’s School of International Service. The Bridging the Gap program promotes scholarly contributions to public debate and decision making on global challenges and US foreign policy.

The Policy Engagement Fellowship allows Dr. Snider and other recipients to become more engaged in policy-relevant debates. While the United States’ role in the world appears to be shifting and other global events threaten to upend the current world order, Bridging the Gap aims to provide opportunities for academics to engage with and impact public policy.

Bridging the Gap is involved in a variety of projects that strengthen scholars’ ability to interact with the policy world. The program conducts professional training programs that prepare scholars to develop policy-relevant research projects and disseminate their findings to audiences beyond academia, connects members of the Bridging the Gap network with practitioners and policy influencers to foster continued growth of the network, and encourages discussions with university leaders.

Policy Engagement Fellows will develop and deliver a research-informed engagement program on a public policy issue during the nine-month fellowship. As part of her fellowship, Dr. Snider will be focusing on developing and sharing her research on the politics of economic reform in the Arab world since the 2011 uprisings. As she notes, “the fellowship is an exceptional opportunity to share my work and foster dialogue with scholars and practitioners in the policy community interested in tackling the challenges of economic reform in the Middle East. I’m looking forward to sharing my work on how the region’s citizens have been negotiating economic change since 2011.”