News from the Bush School

Bush School Students Participate in Annual Student Flag Football Game

September 28, 2010

The annual Bush School flag football game was held on Friday, September 17. Participants spent free time the first few weeks of school running drills in preparation for the popular competition between first and second year students. 

The time outside of class allows students from the school’s two degree programs to interact and know one another better. “MPIA and MPSA students are often separated by their respective programs, but the flag football game brought us together for one cause,” said Alex Finch, an MPSA student and coach of the first year student team.  “At the first practice, I only knew three or four of the twenty team members.  We quickly became acquainted with each other and learned to work as a team.”

Players on the second year team, winners of the 2009 matchup, took an early lead and won the game 45-20 as friends, family, and faculty looked on from the sidelines.

“The game was a great match with lots of excitement, complete with one-handed catches, long touchdown passes, and awesome fans.  The second year girls really stole the show with many touchdowns and extra points,” said Ben Maddox, an MPSA student and coach of the second year student team.  “But everybody had a lot of fun, and the teams came together to celebrate after the game.”

Finch agreed the experience was worth the work despite losing, and “a great way for [them] to retreat from the stress of homework.” “The Bush School emphasizes the importance of extracurricular activities, and the flag football game is one of the many ways for students to participate.”