News from the Bush School

“Friendsgiving” Event Sponsored by Bush School Diversity and Inclusion Committee

November 16, 2017

Bush School students


Student organizations at the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University, led by the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, teamed up to put on the Friendsgiving event that provided an opportunity for students to learn about their peers outside the classroom.

“The Bush School has a diverse student body,” said Heba Baig, Diversity and Inclusion Committee co-chair. “And this event was a way for students to learn about other cultures in an informal setting.”
The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is committed to bringing students from different backgrounds and cultures together. This multicultural potluck event was an effort to do just that.

Many international students have never celebrated Thanksgiving, and this was an opportunity to share with them one of America’s favorite traditions while enjoying foods from a multitude of cultures.

Students, faculty, and staff enjoyed the nice weather and food prepared by students as they took a break from another hectic week of school as finals week draws near.

“Students brought their ‘comfort foods,’ which was fun to see,” said staff member Holly Kasperbauer as she recalled some of the dishes present at the event.

“The Bush School promotes a ‘family environment,’ and this is one way to demonstrate that. It’s a way to show our students they’re part of this family, especially for those students who don’t have the opportunity to go home for the holiday,” said Kasperbauer.

Friendsgiving is also an opportunity for students to chat with people they do not have class with, but maybe see in the hall and never get a chance to say hello.

“Any event that brings great people together in one place is worth attending,” said Dean Mark Welsh. “It was fantastic!”