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Dr. Leslie Ruyle Joins Scowcroft Institute as Assistant Director

October 04, 2017

Leslie Ruyle

Leslie Ruyle

Andrew Natsios, director of the Scowcroft Institute of International Affairs, has announced that Dr. Leslie Ruyle will join the Institute as assistant director.  Dr. Ruyle has most recently been assistant director of the Texas A&M University Center on Conflict and Development and has written and managed grants and proposals for university-based initiatives with the National Science Foundation and the US Agency for International Development.

Natsios noted that Dr. Ruyle is an ecologist by education and practice and has been working at the nexus of natural resource management and conflict. She teaches courses on conflict, natural resource management, and policy. She has lived in four countries and traveled to over seventy countries during her career. Her research and publications span a variety of disciplines.

“Dr. Ruyle’s work has been recognized with the UN’s Equator Prize Initiative and the Dean’s Award for Interdisciplinary teams,” said Natsios, “She is currently building a program in the Democratic Republic of the Congo focused on supporting entrepreneurship in regions of conflict, conservation concern, and limited connectivity (EC3),” he added.

Dr. Ruyle will focus on the Scowcroft Institute and the Bush School research agenda and grant-writing efforts.