News from the Bush School

Bush School Holds Welcome Celebration for New Dean

February 22, 2010

President Bowen and Dean Crocker shake handsFaculty, students, staff of the Bush School, and University administrators welcomed the Bush School’s new dean, former Ambassador Ryan Crocker, at a reception held February 15 at the Annenberg Presidential Conference Center. Crocker was appointed by the Board of Regents in December and assumed his position on January 25, 2010. 

The gathering was the first opportunity for Crocker to meet with the Bush School family since his appointment. In his brief remarks, Crocker said how happy he was to be at the School and to be part of such a dynamic and important institution.

“The Bush School is unique because it is a school of government and public service rather than one focused on government and public policy,” Crocker said. “Having the Corps of Cadets providing leaders for the military and the Bush School educating leaders for public service is part of what makes Texas A&M such an exciting place to be,” he added.

Crocker concluded by saying he looked forward to the School’s growth and to being part of educating America’s next generation of public servants.