News from the Bush School

Engel Named to Kruse Professorship

February 01, 2010

The Board of Regents has approved the appointment of Dr. Jeffrey A. Engel to the Verlin and Howard Kruse ’52 Founders Professorship. The action was taken at the Board’s January 21-22 meeting. Engel previously held the Evelyn and Ed F. Kruse ’49 Faculty Fellowship.

Engel is a noted scholar and has written or edited four books and numerous journal articles since receiving his doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  His work includes The China Diary of George H.W. Bush: the Making of a Global President. Published in 2008 by Princeton University Press, the book is an edited version of the private diary kept by future President George H. W. Bush while serving as de facto U.S. ambassador to China in the 1970s.  Engel’s primary research interests include diplomacy’s domestic and localized effects, the evolution of military strategy, language and foreign policy, and economic warfare. His first book, Cold War at 30,000 Feet: The Anglo-American Fight for Aviation Supremacy, published by Harvard University Press in 2007, was awarded the 2008 biannual Paul Birdsall Award from the American Historical Association for the most important work published on European military or strategic history since 1870.  In 2008, Stanford University Press published Local Impact of the Global Cold War, a collection of essays demonstrating the conflict’s effect on communities throughout the developed and developing world.  In 2009, Oxford University Press published another collection Engel edited, The Fall of the Berlin Wall: The Revolutionary Legacy of 1989

Engel currently serves as director of programming for the Bush School’s Scowcroft Institute of International Affairs, having earlier served as the Institute’s interim director.  He additionally serves on the editorial board of the top journal in his field, Diplomatic History; on the Executive Council of the Society of Historians of American Foreign Policy; and on the Executive Committee of the Transatlantic Studies Association.  He is also recipient of several teaching awards, including the Bush School’s Silver Star, awarded by graduating students to the professor who most positively influenced their time in Aggieland.

In making the announcement, Dr. Samuel Kirkpatrick, executive associate dean, noted that Engel is not only recognized internationally for his scholarship, but he is also counted among the most promising of the younger generation of historians.