Bush School SGA Honors Dean Crocker, Dr. Vedlitz

May 16, 2016

Dr. Arnold Vedlitz, executive associate dean, Sean Danielson, Bush School SGA president, and Ryan Crocker

Dr. Arnold Vedlitz, Sean Danielson, and Dean Ryan Crocker, dean

The Bush School Student Government Association (SGA), Texas A&M University, held a reception for Ryan Crocker, dean of the Bush School, and Dr. Arnold Vedlitz, executive associate dean, to honor the two men for their service to the Bush School. Crocker will be retiring as dean during the summer; and Dr. Vedlitz will be retiring as associate dean and director of the Institute for Science, Technology, and Public Policy, taking a year-long sabbatical before returning to a faculty role.

During the reception, the Bush School SGA awarded Crocker and Vedlitz with books that included a compilation of well wishes from current students, faculty, staff, and alumni from the Bush School. Both men also received plaques and Bush School hats the Bush School SGA created earlier in the year as a fundraiser.

“The size and diversity of those who attended the reception speaks volumes on how Dean Crocker and Dr. Vedlitz have affected the entire Bush School community,” said Sean Danielson, Bush School SGA president. “They have continually shown the students the meaning of public service, and we look forward to exemplifying their leadership once we graduate.”

Crocker began his service as dean in 2010, taking a leave of absence from 2011 to 2013 in order to serve as US ambassador to Afghanistan under President Obama. A recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, he has served as US ambassador six times: to Afghanistan (2011-2012), Iraq (2007-2009), Pakistan (2004-2007), Syria (1998-2001), Kuwait (1994-1997), and Lebanon (1990-1993). During his time as dean, the Bush School has grown tremendously, with record enrollment the past several years and several impressive additions to the Bush School faculty.

Vedlitz has served as executive associate dean since 2013, having served in the same role from 1999 to 2004. In addition to his administrative duties, he has also served as director of the Institute for Science, Technology, and Public Policy since 2000. Vedlitz has worked at Texas A&M University for more than forty years—as a professor, researcher, and later a member of the administration—and was a key member of the team that prepared the University’s bid for the Bush Presidential Library and Museum. He has held several pivotal roles at the Bush School since becoming one of the first official faculty members at the School when it opened in 1997.

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