Bush School Students Attend European Student Conference

March 08, 2016

Bush School students Miguel Eusse, Chloe Verschuren, and Danelle Hopkins

Bush School students Chloe Verschuren, Miguel Eusse, and Danelle Hopkins

Bush School students Miguel Eusse, Chloe Verschuren, and Danelle Hopkins were among the select number of students invited to participate in the 2016 European Student Conference (ESC) at Yale University February 5-6, 2016. The students were chosen from a pool of qualified candidates worldwide and represented the Bush School of Government and Public Service, Texas A&M University, in three policy workshops: “Economy and Innovation,” “Transatlantic Relations,” and “Immigration and Integration.”

“This was my second year participating in the European Student Conference at Yale, and the experience was fantastic,” said Chloe Verschuren. “I am always impressed by the caliber of speakers and students in attendance and their passion for the European project. I hope future Bush School students interested in transatlantic issues will continue to apply for the ESC.”

The European Student Conference 2016, “Envisioning a Confident Europe,” was organized by European Horizons and funded by Erasmus+ and the Yale School of Management. The annual conference seeks to bring together students from across the US and Europe in order to address some of the major challenges facing the EU, including immigration, economic growth, and security.

Miguel Eusse presenting at ESC

Miguel Eusse presenting at the European Student Conference

Bush students had the opportunity to interact with 100 participants from over fifty-three universities around the world. Key speakers included the EU ambassador to the United Nations, the EU ambassador to the United States, the vice president of the European Commission for Budget and Human Resources, and the secretary general of the European Parliament.  More than thirty conference policy papers covering a broad variety of topics relevant to transatlantic relations and European domestic and external policy will be published.

“The European Student Conference was an insightful and hands-on experience,” said Miguel Eusse. “With an optimistic and confident view of the years ahead, students, policy makers, and keynote speakers delved into the main issues affecting Europe’s identity, integration, and security.”

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