Paperback of President George H. W. Bush’s All the Best Available for Purchase Nov. 4

November 04, 2014

Book Cover, All the Best

The paperback of the revised edition of President George H. W. Bush’s collected letters, All the Best, George Bush: My Life in Letters and Other Writings will be released by Scribner on November 4, 2014.  All proceeds from the book will benefit the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University.

The revised edition – originally published in 2000 – now includes letters, emails, diary entries and photographs from the past 15 years, covering George W. Bush’s presidency, 9/11, his unlikely friendship with Bill Clinton and ruminations on life, friendship and family. All the Best is being released a full week ahead of 41: A Portrait of My Father, a biography on the life of President George H.W. Bush penned by his son, President George W. Bush.

Known as a skilled and passionate letter writer, this new edition shows both President Bush’s intimate correspondence with friends and family and his personal and diplomatic communication in affairs of state.  Organized chronologically, the volume begins with eighteen-year-old George’s letters to his parents during World War II when, at the time he was commissioned, he was the youngest pilot in the US Navy, and the early days of his courtship of Barbara.  Readers will gain insights into Bush’s career highlights—the oil business, his two terms in Congress, his ambassadorship to the U.N., his service as an envoy to China, his tenure with the Central Intelligence Agency, and of course, the vice presidency, the presidency and the post-presidency—including his decision to found a school of government and public service at Texas A&M University.

Bush’s letters also reveal a devoted husband, father, and American.  Ranging from a love letter to Barbara to one to his mother mourning the passing of his daughter Robin, to a letter to his children two weeks before Nixon’s resignation, to one written to them just before the beginning of Desert Storm, the writings are remarkable for their candor, humor and poignancy, as well as offering insights into twentieth century history from a unique perspective.

As President Bush writes in his preface, “What we have here are letters from the past and present. Letters that are light and hopefully amusing.  Letters written when my heart was heavy or full of joy.  Serious letters.  Nutty letters.  Caring and rejoicing letters…It’s all about heartbeat.”

The book can be purchased from the George Bush Museum Store at or at and


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