Chapter of Alexander Hamilton Society looks toward exceeding inaugural year’s success

October 09, 2014

Alexander Hamilton Society The Bush School chapter of the Alexander Hamilton Society (AHS), a university study organization, has begun its second year as an active campus organization. Based in Washington DC, the AHS is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to promoting constructive debate on contemporary issues in foreign, economic, and national security policy. Membership in the Bush School chapter of AHS is open to anyone who shares the principles of the organization or would like to participate in the organization’s events.

“The main purpose of AHS is to foster debate and stimulate interest in current events related to international relations and security,” said AHS co-president and MPIA ’15 student Rebeca Orrie. “A student’s academic experience in the Bush School would be greatly enhanced by joining AHS because of the opportunities to engage with other students on these issues.”

There are fifty-three chapters of AHS in the United States—forty-nine university chapters and four professional chapters. The Bush School chapter is currently ranked 2nd nationally, behind Ohio State University. Following a successful inaugural year, Orrie says the chapter intends to move forward and fully capitalize on the potential of the growing organization.

“The Bush School chapter of AHS has one debate and one major fundraising event planned for this year, thus far,” Orrie said. “The first is the AHS Trivia Night, which proved to be a huge success in raising funds for the organization last year. It is returning upon popular demand from the students.”

The fall main event is a debate between Bush School professor Dr. Jason Castillo and Ohio State professor Dr. Peter Mansoor. The two will be discussing America’s ability to deter aggression around the world in light of recent crises involving Ukraine, China, and the ISIS. The debate will be held on October 16th.

“AHS provides a unique experience for students; they can listen to debates about issues in real time,” Orrie said. “This emphasis on engaging with issues and policy options is the reason I joined AHS and the reason I stepped up to serve within it. I think the AHS will prove to be an invaluable part of the Bush School experience.”

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