Bush School in the Media

Bush School faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized experts in their fields; and many have real-world experience in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

October 17, 2018: Scowcroft Institute, "Annual Pandemic Policy Summit at Texas A&M looks at latest outbreak of Ebola", The Eagle
October 16, 2018: Gregory Gause, "Texas A&M Saudi researcher on drawing a hard line after journalist's disappearance", KBTX
October 12, 2018: Gregory Gause, "Is the Saudi Crown Prince Too Disruptive Even for Trump?", New York Times
October 02, 2018: Andrew Natsios and Gerald Parker, "Pandemic policy experts: 'It's just a matter of when.'", KBTX
October 01, 2018: Raymond Robertson, "New North American Trade Deal Emphasizes Domestic Production, Opens Canadian Dairy Market", Texas Standard
September 27, 2018: Mosbacher Institute, "'Mattress Mack' honored for his philanthropic work when 2017 Hurricane Harvey hit Houston", The Eagle
September 12, 2018: Scowcroft Institute, "Panelists at A&M’s Bush School talk China's political, economic shift under President Xi Jinping ", The Eagle
September 11, 2018: Arnold Vedlitz, "Texas A&M awarded $2M grant for flood, human response research", The Eagle
September 08, 2018: Scowcroft Institute, "Panel to discuss future of China", The Eagle
September 03, 2018: Kalena Cortes, "Text Messages to Parents Can Help Boost Children's Reading Skills", Find All News
August 29, 2018: Dr. Leslie Ruyle, "Dr. Leslie Ruyle is Leading by Example", Texas A&M Foundation
August 28, 2018: Danny Davis, "To Conquer Terrorism, Salafist-Jihadist Ideology Must be Defeated", The GlobePost
August 28, 2018: Raymond Robertson, "The best thing about Trump’s trade deal: ‘We didn’t blow it all up’", Dallas Morning News
August 28, 2018: Raymond Robertson, "Texas A&M political economist: NAFTA negotiations could affect Texas jobs", KBTX
August 20, 2018: Christine Crudo Blackburn, Andrew Natsios, Gerald Parker, "Three reasons the US is not ready for the next pandemic", The Conversation
August 17, 2018: Raymond Robertson, "Trade Representative Signals A Breakthrough In Nafta Talks With Mexico. With Canada, Not So Much.", Texas Standard
August 14, 2018: Gregory Gause, "Saudi oil money may give Elon Musk the private Tesla of his dreams", Chicago Tribune
June 19, 2018: Gregory Gause, "Saudi Arabia, The United States And The Anti-Iran Front In The Middle East", The Caravan
June 06, 2018: Raymond Robertson, "Regulating trade is not the best way to help lower-income workers who suffer from trade-induced losses", IZA World of Labor
May 17, 2018: Raymond Robertson, "NAFTA negotiators are struggling to meet a congressional deadline", The Economist
May 17, 2018: Raymond Robertson , "Ryan's NAFTA deadline arrives, but future of agreement remains uncertain", Circa
May 02, 2018: Arnold Vedlitz, "Texas A&M students present study, recommendations on Red River flooding", News Channel 10
May 02, 2018: Arnold Vedlitz, "Graduate students share flood research with Caddo and Shreveport leaders", KTBS
May 01, 2018: Danny Davis, "Experts say Trump border wall, National Guard announcements seek to satisfy his supporters", El Paso Times
April 26, 2018: Lori Taylor, "Commentary: Why money matters in public education", Austin American Statesman
April 26, 2018: Arnold Vedlitz, "Red River flooding study to be presented to parish, city officials", KTBS
April 16, 2018: Gregory Gause, "Lebanon’s Precarious Place in the Syria War", U.S. News & World Report
April 09, 2018: Danny Davis, "Focus at Four: Homeland security expert on sending the National Guard to the border", KBTX
April 04, 2018: Mosbacher Institute, "Policy conference to address Texas water concerns", The Battalion
April 04, 2018: Lori Taylor, "Oklahoma teacher pay dispute: Does cost of living make a difference?", PolitiFact
April 04, 2018: Andrew Natsios, "The evolution of the U.S. role in crisis response", FHI360
April 03, 2018: Raymond Robertson, "The road to a better economic future", Khmer Times
March 30, 2018: Joshua Shifrinson, "Gaze Into the Mustache and See America’s True Nature", New York Times' The Interpreter
March 29, 2018: Joshua Shifrinson, "John Bolton’s appointment reveals this much bigger problem", The Washington Post's Monkey Cage Blog
March 28, 2018: Lori Taylor, "A&M expert has educators asking: If Kansas schools need $2 billion, how much do Texas' need?", The Texas Tribune
March 28, 2018: Andrew Natsios, "Opinion: Merging USAID's disaster offices means answering hard questions. Here they are.", Devex
March 27, 2018: Ronald Sievert, "Focus at Four: Using arbitration to settle the North Korean crisis", KBTX
March 27, 2018: Scowcroft Institute, "Israeli consul general talks Middle Eastern politics at Bush School event", The Eagle
March 27, 2018: Christine Crudo Blackburn and Morten Wendelbo, "Could Polio Soon Be Eradicated?", Newsweek
March 26, 2018: Lori Taylor, "What Would it Cost to Get All Students to Average?", U.S. News & World Report

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