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March 22, 2016: Ryan Crocker, "Ambassador Ryan Crocker: We Don’t Have a Molenbeek in U.S.", Bloomberg
March 09, 2016: Ryan Crocker, "Afghan translators for U.S. military now stuck in name limbo", Houston Chronicle
March 09, 2016: Mohammad Ayatollahi Tabaar, "Why the triumph of moderates is a setback to Iranian democracy", The Washington Post
March 08, 2016: Lori Taylor, "Texas A&M prof on pink tax: Tariffs can be six times higher for women’s clothes", The Dallas Morning News
March 07, 2016: Valerie Hudson, "The World According to Men", The Atlantic
March 01, 2016: Ryan Crocker, "TIMELINE: Key players reflect on US policy in Syria", Al-Monitor
March 01, 2016: Jeryl Mumpower, "NSF makes a new bid to boost diversity ", Science
February 29, 2016: Lori Taylor, "Focus at Four: The real "pink tax" affects imported women's goods", KBTX
February 29, 2016: Ronald Sievert, "Apple versus FBI: All Writs Act’s age should not bar its use", The Conversation US
February 26, 2016: Joanna Lahey, "4 Ageist Phrases to Quit Saying at the Office", AOL
February 25, 2016: Mohammad Tabaar, "Why Iran’s Elections Matter", Council on Foreign Relations
February 24, 2016: Joanna Lahey, "4 Ageist Phrases to Quit Saying at the Office", U.S News and World Report
February 24, 2016: Lori Taylor, "A&M professor examines tariff disparity", The Eagle
February 24, 2016: Lori Taylor, "A&M Researcher: Women Are Stiffed by 'Pink Tax' on Clothing", WOAI
February 24, 2016: Joanna Lahey, "4 Ageist Phrases to Quit Saying at the Office", Yahoo! Finance
February 22, 2016: Lori Taylor, ""Pink Tax" Raises Price on Women's Apparel", Texas A&M Today
February 19, 2016: Ronald Sievert, "TAMU expert weighs in on Apple vs. U.S. Government", KAGS
February 15, 2016: Blease Graham, "Can S.C. do it one more time for the Bushes?", Star-Telegram
February 12, 2016: Ryan Crocker, "Ambassador admonishes BYU students to pay attention to Middle East", The Digital Universe
February 12, 2016: Ryan Crocker, "Former U.S. ambassador speaks to BYU students concerning the Middle East", World News Report
February 10, 2016: Gregory Gause, Ryan Crocker, "Texas A&M to host symposium on Gulf War and liberation of Kuwait", KBTX
February 08, 2016: Valerie Hudson, "Grants or Gifts Relating to Women in Higher Education", WIA Report
February 08, 2016: Valerie Hudson, "Pros and cons of women being drafted to military service", KBTX
February 08, 2016: Manuel P. Teodoro, "Flint isn’t alone", The Hill
February 08, 2016: Gregory Gause, "To counter Iranian rival, Saudi Arabia steps up Washington lobbying", Yahoo! News
February 04, 2016: Joshua Shifrinson, "Donald Trump’s foreign policy views are actually pretty mainstream", The Washington Post
February 04, 2016: Ryan Crocker, "Handling The Refugee Crisis", KERA
January 29, 2016: Joshua Shifrinson, "Iran flies unarmed military drone over US aircraft carrier", The Associated Press
January 18, 2016: Ryan Crocker, "49 6 Keep the pressure on Iran: Ryan Crocker", USA Today
January 18, 2016: Ryan Crocker, "Keep the pressure on Iran: Ryan Crocker", USA Today
January 10, 2016: Ryan Crocker, "Rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan: What's next?", Yahoo! News
January 09, 2016: Valerie Hudson, "Germany on the Brink", New York Times
January 07, 2016: Valerie Hudson, "Huge influx of migrant men will lead to more sex attacks like those in Cologne, says analyst", Daily Mail
January 06, 2016: Ryan Crocker, "A&M Official on Capitol Hill: Ramp Up Air War Against IS", KBTX
January 05, 2016: Gregory Gause, "Saudi Arabia's $750 Billion Bet Drives Brent Oil Below $54", Forbes
January 05, 2016: Valerie Hudson, "Europe’s Man Problem", Politico
January 04, 2016: Christopher Layne, "Stuck in the Middle East", The American Conservative
December 17, 2015: Ronald Sievert, "When it comes to national security, some people just don't get it", The Eagle
December 17, 2015: Ryan Crocker, "Ex-ambassador Crocker: US leadership missing in Syria, calls GOP frontrunners ‘immoral’ on refugees", The Dallas Morning News

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