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January 18, 2016: Ryan Crocker, "Keep the pressure on Iran: Ryan Crocker", USA Today
January 10, 2016: Ryan Crocker, "Rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan: What's next?", Yahoo! News
January 09, 2016: Valerie Hudson, "Germany on the Brink", New York Times
January 07, 2016: Valerie Hudson, "Huge influx of migrant men will lead to more sex attacks like those in Cologne, says analyst", Daily Mail
January 06, 2016: Ryan Crocker, "A&M Official on Capitol Hill: Ramp Up Air War Against IS", KBTX
January 05, 2016: Gregory Gause, "Saudi Arabia's $750 Billion Bet Drives Brent Oil Below $54", Forbes
January 05, 2016: Valerie Hudson, "Europe’s Man Problem", Politico
January 04, 2016: Christopher Layne, "Stuck in the Middle East", The American Conservative
December 17, 2015: Ronald Sievert, "When it comes to national security, some people just don't get it", The Eagle
December 17, 2015: Ryan Crocker, "Ex-ambassador Crocker: US leadership missing in Syria, calls GOP frontrunners ‘immoral’ on refugees", The Dallas Morning News
December 17, 2015: Ryan Crocker, "The Aspen Strategy Group Releases Book on Radicalism in the Middle East", Yahoo! News
December 15, 2015: Danny Davis, "Los Angeles bomb threat: How do officials draw line between fear and caution?", Yahoo! News
December 15, 2015: Danny Davis, "After Maryland arrest, experts say more must be done to fight ISIS in U.S.", KEYE
December 15, 2015: Ronald Sievert, "A&M professors expect debate to focus on topics of terrorism, national security", The Eagle
December 15, 2015: Danny Davis, "After Maryland arrest, experts say more must be done to fight ISIS in U.S.", WJLA
December 05, 2015: Danny Davis, "FBI Investigating Terrorist Act in California", KVUE
December 04, 2015: Gabriela Marin Thornton, "The Refugee Crisis: Quo Vadis Europe?", The Diplomatic Courier
December 04, 2015: Danny Davis, "Local homeland security expert weighs in on California shooting", KAGS
December 02, 2015: Gregory Gause, "Saudis Blamed for Waging Wrong War as Jihadists Thrive in Yemen", Bloomberg Business
November 19, 2015: Ryan Crocker, "Here and There with Dave Marash", Here and There with Dave Marash
November 18, 2015: Ryan Crocker, "Fmr Syrian Ambassador says ISIS wants refugee ban ", News Radio WOAI
November 18, 2015: Ryan Crocker, "Outside Views on the Strategy for Iraq and Syria", U.S. House Armed Services Committee
November 17, 2015: Ryan Crocker, "The Case for Accepting Syrian Refugees", The Wall Street Journal
November 17, 2015: Ryan Crocker, "A&M dean, former ambassador to Syria weighs in on Paris attacks, response", The Eagle
November 15, 2015: Andrew Natsios, "The Next Pandemic", Spirit
November 13, 2015: Ryan Crocker, "Amb. Ryan Crocker: Secretary of State Clinton did the job right", USA Today
November 13, 2015: Ryan Crocker, "Former Amb.: ISIS hasn't been defeated", MSNBC
November 12, 2015: Leonard Bright, "Texas A&M Bush School To Offer Online Master’s Degree", KBTX
November 10, 2015: Gregory Gause, "Saudi succession: Rival princes jockey as global oil slump hits home", Yahoo! News
November 03, 2015: Valerie Hudson, "Inmate Release, Maltreated Children, China's Child Policy", BYU Radio
October 29, 2015: Valerie Hudson, "Gloria Steinem: By the Book", The New York Times
October 29, 2015: Valerie Hudson, "China drops one-child policy: Could this be good for girls?", Christian Science Monitor
October 26, 2015: Ryan Crocker, "Experts Explore and Debate the Future of Iraq at October Conference", William & Mary Law School News
October 25, 2015: Gregory Gause, "Scholars debate current research trends", Gulf Times
October 25, 2015: Ryan Crocker, "House Freedom Caucus playing central role in speaker race; American sergeant gives his life to save hostages from ISIS", Fox News
October 22, 2015: Gregory Gause, "Gazprom Complains Banks Delaying Payments Amid Sanctions Regime", Bloomberg Business
October 22, 2015: Gregory Gause, "For Saudis, countermove against Putin in Syria carries risks", Chicago Tribune
October 22, 2015: Ryan Crocker, "New U.S. Czar for Anti-ISIS Fight Will Inherit ‘Job From Hell", Foreign Policy
October 21, 2015: Gregory Gause, "For Saudis, Countermove Against Putin in Syria Carries Risks", Bloomberg Business

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February 11, 2018: "How #MeToo power dynamics affect economists" PBS Newshour

February 10, 2018: "This year's severe flu exposes a serious flaw in our medical system" Fort Worth Business Press

February 08, 2018: "What is 'right to try,' and could it help?" Houston Chronicle

February 06, 2018: "Should the US Reduce the Number of Troops in Iraq?" The Texas Standard

February 06, 2018: "Focus at Four: Stock market drop explained, put in context" KBTX

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