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The Bush School Student Government Association

The Bush School Student Government Association (SGA) offers students an opportunity to serve their colleagues as leaders of activities, programs, and initiatives for the Bush School. With a two-branch system, students can be involved in SGA as an elected class representative or as a member of the SGA president’s executive team. SGA holds meetings twice a month, and every student who attends the Bush School is a member of SGA.

“Serving as president of the Bush School Student Government Association has afforded me the opportunity to learn so much from my classmates and about myself. Having a chance to help enhance the scholastic experience of my colleagues has been gratifying beyond words. It has taught me that, while we come from different places or may believe in different things, we all have a vested interest in each other's success. Leadership is a core tenant of the Bush School, and serving as the leader of over 300 motivated and intelligent future public servants is an honor that I will never forget,” said Naaman Akinola, president of the Bush School Student Government Association.

The Bush School's Student Government Association committees share the mission by focusing on specific aspects of its goals and vision. Committees are created by the Executive Board as needed. The president can also commission ad hoc committees to meet the student body's changing needs.

The Diversity Committee works to create a school that respects, nurtures, and celebrates diversity through education and promoting exposure to different cultures, belief systems, and values.

The Social Committee provides a venue for socialization and strengthens the collaborative environment at the Bush School by planning events and activities that encourage social interaction and peer networking.

The Graduation Committee functions as a liaison between the administration and the students in planning the Bush School graduation celebration and in preparing students for the Texas A&M graduation ceremony.

The Speakers and Leadership Development Committee expands the Bush School experience by creating opportunities for students to improve their leadership skills, expand their network via small "round-table" discussions with outside speakers, and broaden their horizons.

The Community Dialogues Committee works to showcase the Bush School, its professors, and its students by connecting them to the broader community through a series of local, regional, and national outreach programs with a special focus on the Great Decisions discussion series.

The Professional Development Initiative facilitates programs that develop the professional image and networking skills of Bush School students to increase their competitiveness when beginning a career.

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