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Drs. Liu, Mumpower, Portney, and Vedlitz Publish in Risk, Hazard & Crisis in Public Policy

ISTPP researchers, Drs. Xinsheng Liu, Jeryl Mumpower, Kent Portney, and Arnold Vedlitz, have published their research, “Perceived Risk of Terrorism and Policy Preferences for Government Counterterrorism Spending: Evidence from a U.S. National Panel Survey,” in Risk, Hazard & Crisis in Public Policy. [READ MORE]

Dr. Bryce Hannibal Named LINKS Center Fellow

Dr. Hannibal, ISTPP Assistant Research Scientist, has been named a Fellow of the LINKS Center for Social Network Analysis, Gatton College of Business and Economics, University of Kentucky. [READ MORE]

Dr. Bryce Hannibal Gives Invited Talk at BYU Research

Dr. Bryce Hannibal, ISTPP Assistant Research Scientist, gave an invited talk, “Examining the Mediating influence of Interlocking Board Networks on Grant Making in Public Foundations,” to the MPA faculty at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah on April 5, 2018. [READ MORE]

Dr. Xinsheng Liu Presents Research at MPSA Conference

Dr. Xinsheng Liu, ISTPP Research Scientist and Assistant Director, presented the research paper “Bureaucratic Influence in National Policy Agenda Setting Process: Evidence from Congressional Hearings on Global Warming and Climate Change” at the Annual Meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, April 5-8, 2018. [READ MORE]

Researchers Receive Grant to Study Social Implications of Developing Gene Drive Technologies

Researchers at Texas A&M University are among four research teams awarded a total of $2 million to study gene drive and gene editing technologies. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) made the awards. Other institutions participating in the NIFA program are the University of Florida, Iowa State University, and the Santa Fe Institute of Science. [READ MORE]

Dr. Xinsheng Liu Named Changjiang Scholar

Dr. Xinsheng Liu, Research Scientist and Assistant Director of the Institute for Science, Technology and Public Policy at the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University, was recently named a Changjiang Scholar by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China and the Li Ka Shing Foundation through a highly competitive process. [READ MORE]

Dr. Portney and Colleagues Publish in Sustainability

Kent Portney, ISTPP Director, and his co-authors, doctoral student Bassel Daher and Drs. Mohtar, Pistikopoulos, Kaiser and Saad, published their article on STEP solutions to water-energy-food (WEF) Nexus Hotspots in the journal Sustainability. [READ MORE]

ISTPP Collaborates with TAMU Law School & TWRI for Texas-Mexico Groundwater Governance Report

ISTPP collaborated with the Program in Natural Resources Systems in the Texas A&M University School of Law and the Texas Water Resources Institute to study the complexity of the governance structure that oversees the up to 15 transboundary aquifers along the Texas-Mexico border. [READ MORE]

Bush School Professors Awarded University T3 Grant

Dr. Kent E. Portney and Dr. Ann Bowman have been awarded one of the first “Texas A&M Triads for Transformation,” or T3 grants, along with Dr. Sierra Woodruff in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning. [READ MORE]

Dr. Vedlitz, Distinguished ISTPP Research Scholar, and Co-authors Publish in British Journal of Political Science

Drs. Paul Kellstedt, Mark Ramirez, Arnold Vedlitz, and Sammy Zahran published their research on value conflict in public opinion related to mitigating climate change. [READ MORE]

ISTPP Fellow Teodoro Evaluates Public Agency Branding on Public Perception

Dr. Manuel Teodoro, an ISTPP Research Fellow and Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science, and Seung-Ho An, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Political Science, recently published a paper titled “Citizen-Based Brand Equity: A Model and Experimental Evaluation” in the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory. [READ MORE]

Dr. Kent Portney Named to Bullock Chair

Professor Kent Portney has been named to the Bob Bullock Chair in Government and Public Policy at the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University. [READ MORE]

ISTPP Fellows Bullock and Bowman Explore Support of Food, Energy, Water Nexus

Drs. Bullock and Bowman recently published an article in Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy titled, “FEW: Exploring Citizens’ Support for Policy Tools at the Food, Energy, Water Nexus,” where they seek to understand public preferences on food, energy, water nexus policy actions, and the factors that go into such preferences. [READ MORE]

Dr. Vedlitz and Co-authors Publish Study on US Perceptions of Climate Change Risk and Policy Support

Drs. Arnold Vedlitz, Samuel Brody, and Himanshu Grover have recently published their study on the US public’s perceptions of climate change risk and how these perceptions are influenced through a risk-stress-capacity model that combines of individual and local environmental factors. In this way, their study provides a deeper understanding of risk perception and its implications for climate change policy. [READ MORE]

Institute for Science, Technology and Public Policy Team Presents Research at SPSA Annual Conference

Research by members of the ISTPP team, Drs. Portney, Hannibal, and Liu, was presented at the annual Southern Political Science Association Conference held in New Orleans, LA, January 4-6, 2018. [READ MORE]

Researchers Awarded NSF Grant to Study Hurricane Harvey Infrastructure and Planning Vulnerabilities

In August 2017, Houston suffered catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Harvey. The National Science Foundation has funded a study by an interdisciplinary team of Texas A&M University researchers led by Dr. Ali Mostafavidarani in the Department of Civil Engineering. [READ MORE]

Dr. Xinsheng Liu Participated in Asia-Pacific Forum on Low Carbon Technology

Invited by Asian Development Bank and Hunan Innovative Low Carbon Center, Dr. Xinsheng Liu, ISTPP Research Scientist and Assistant Director, attended the Asia-Pacific Forum on Low Carbon Technology in Changsha, China on November 29-30, 2017. [READ MORE]

Paper by Dr. Xinsheng Liu and Dr. Arnold Vedlitz Accepted for Publication in Policy Studies Journal

“A Micro Model of Problem Definition and Policy Choice: Issue Image, Issue Association, and Policy Support of Power Plants,” a paper by ISTPP researchers Dr. Xinsheng Liu and Dr. Arnold Vedlitz and ISTPP Research Fellow Dr. Scott Robinson has been accepted for publication by Policy Studies Journal. [READ MORE]

Vedlitz and Other ISTPP Researchers Compare Experimental and Attitudinal Measures of Policy Support

Dr. Arnold Vedlitz and his co-authors, Dr. Scott Robinson and Dr. James Stoutenborough, published their comparison of experimental and attitudinal approaches for measuring public policy support in a book devoted to experiments in public administration research. [READ MORE]

ISTPP’s Dr. Hannibal Presents Research on Public Opinion on Fracking at the 2017 American Sociological Association Conference

For this project, “Public Concern and Support for Regulation of UOGD: Individual and Contextual Influences on Texas Residents,” Hannibal and his ISTPP research partners examine the effect of county-level characteristics on individuals’ opinions and policy preferences about hydraulic fracturing in Texas. [READ MORE]

Bush School provides important “human dimensions” in new PATHS-UP Center

The Bush School of Government and Public Service has recently partnered with the Texas A&M University College of Engineering and the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES) on a new National Science Foundation funded Engineering Research Center (ERC) on Texas A&M’s campus. [READ MORE]

Dr. Portney Gives Invited Talk at Ostrom Workshop

Dr. Portney, ISTPP Director, shared his research, “Governing the Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Solving a Common-Pool Resource Challenge?” with participants of the Ostrom Workshop Colloquium Series at Indiana University. As the invited speaker for the November 13, 2017 workshop, Dr. Portney discussed how emerging natural system research has documented connections between water, energy, and food with an eye toward prescribing how to achieve greater efficiencies and to reduce resource depletion. [READ MORE]

ISTPP Fellow Bowman and ISTPP Director Portney Present at APSA

Drs. Bowman and Portney presented their research, co-authored with Dr. Jeffrey Berry, at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association in San Francisco, CA, September 3, 2017. [READ MORE]

ISTPP Director, Dr. Portney, Leads Study of Water-Energy-Food Nexus Governance

Led by ISTPP Director Dr. Portney, co-authors Dr. Vedlitz, Dr. Sansom, Dr. Berke, and doctoral candidate Mr. Daher delineate their article, “Governance of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus: the Conceptual and Methodological Foundations for the San Antonio Region Case Study,” a strategy for conducting both applied and proof-of-concept research related to resource governance and policy systems and their influence on the water-food-energy nexus. [READ MORE]

Dr. Portney, ISTPP Director, Researches the Soil-Water-Food Nexus

Dr. Portney recently authored a chapter in the book, Global Soil Security, in which he reported his research on people’s awareness of the agriculture-water nexus. [READ MORE]

ISTPP Director Portney Leads Study on the Link Between Sustainable Cities and Healthy Cities

In their study, “Sustainable Cities and Healthy Cities: Are They the Same?”, Dr. Kent Portney, Director of ISTPP, and Dr. Garett Sansom, Associate Director of the Institute for Sustainable Communities, fill a critical gap in the literature on the relationship between sustainability policies and health outcomes. [READ MORE]

Dr. Portney et al. Publish on Food-Energy-Water Nexus Awareness in Environment & Behavior

Dr. Portney and his co-authors have published the first quantitative study on the public’s awareness of the food-energy-water nexus (FEW). [READ MORE]

Dr. Portney and Dr. Hannibal Co-Author Paper for Dresden Nexus Conference

Mathew Kurian, Kent E. Portney, Gerhard Rappold, Bryce Hannibal, and Solomon H. Gebrechorkos have co-authored a paper that will be presented at the Dresden Nexus Conference to be held in Germany May 17-19, 2017. [READ MORE]

Dr. Bryce Hannibal Presents Research on Food Waste in the Context of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

In his study, “Throwing It Out: Introducing a Nexus Perspective in Examining Citizen Perceptions of Organization Food Waste in the U.S.,” Dr. Hannibal explores public concern about food waste and what, if anything, they want done about it. [READ MORE]

ISTPP Director Portney Studies the Effect of Local Tea Parties on City Sustainability Policies

Dr. Portney and his co-author, Dr. Jeffrey Berry, have analyzed the influence of local Tea Parties efforts to block sustainability initiatives by cities. To ascertain the impact of such Tea Party actions, the researchers relied on several sources of data. [READ MORE]

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