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Financial Assistance

The Bush School provides a number of merit and criteria-based financial awards for students to support their graduate study. Both domestic and international students are eligible for consideration, unless otherwise noted. All students currently receive awards at some level. Criteria for consideration are listed below. Please note that while need-based aid is not considered here at the Bush School, it is at Texas A&M University's Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. U.S. citizens and permanent residents interested in federal aid should fill out the FAFSA form as they apply. International students seeking additional financial support should look to Texas A&M's International Student Services website for information.


No separate application is required for award consideration. We will grant types/amounts in February and March.

Bush School

George Bush School Scholarships are the centerpiece of the school's financial aid program. The scholarships are merit-based and all admitted students without significant sponsorship/fellowships are considered. Levels of aid vary in increments from $1,000 to $15,000 a year. Bush School Scholarships do not require a work commitment in exchange for the aid and are renewed and prorated in the second year if performance is maintained at a pre-determined level.

Non-resident tuition waivers are available for non-resident applicants. Competitive-based scholarship awarded by Texas A&M or its programs worth $1,000 or more qualifies non-resident recipients for residential rates, saving about $7,500 per year. We currently use this to its fullest extent for all non-residents, enabling out-of-state and international students to pay approximately $11,000 per year.

The Robertson Fellows Program, funded by The Robertson Foundation for Government and the Bush School, is an opportunity for students with a commitment to a career in the federal government in foreign policy, national security, and/or international affairs to receive funding to cover full expenses associated with completing a master's degree in two years. Support includes a mix of tuition and fee and living aid as well as enhancements through subsidized health insurance and internship support. Fellows in year one will be on full scholarship support and year two will be a blend of scholarship resources and assistantship responsibilities.

This program also includes special meetings with the Fellows nationally and with Foundation staff, assistance in securing federal employment, and opportunities to network with Robertson alumni. Selected fellows will be U.S. citizens, must have proficiency in a foreign language by graduation, and are required to work for the federal government for three of their initial five years after graduation.

Texas A&M University

The Office of Graduate and Professional Studies (OGAPS) has a number of highly competitive scholarships (Graduate Merit and Diversity) awarded through a departmental nomination process. Students must meet the priority application deadline, be exceptionally competitive academically, and/or be a protected minority or be minority service-oriented to be considered by the Bush School. Their worth is approximately $30,000 a year.

Graduate Assistantships

Bush School

Graduate assistant - researchers (GARs) may provide a source of financial aid for second-year students within the Bush School. These also are competitively awarded, with academic achievement in year one, or certain qualifications, as central considerations. Graduate assistants work with faculty or staff for 20 hours of service per week, earning a stipend and insurance aid. Some of these are tied to the above OGAPS awards.

Texas A&M University

Graduate assistantships (GAs) may also be procured elsewhere on the Texas A&M campus through the Texas A&M student employment site, as well as networking on campus. Graduate assistants in other departments also work with faculty or staff for 20 hours of service per week, earning a stipend and insurance aid.

Off-Campus Work

The Bush School discourages students from trying to manage outside work obligations with rigorous class requirements, particularly during the first semester and/or year. With a typical load of 12 credit hours and an abundance of activities and collaborative assignments to pursue, any student receiving an assistantship or taking a supplemental part-time job must exercise careful time management.

National Awards

The Bush School encourages students to procure national awards by searching and applying for fellowships and scholarships related to their interests. A few below may be worth pursuing.

Truman Scholarships
McNair Graduate Scholarships
Service Organization Stipends/Scholarships (including Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, Teach for America)
DHS Scholarship and Fellowships
Charles B Rangel International Affairs Fellowships
Thomas R Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowships
David L Boren Scholarships

Texas A&M Financial Aid

Students are strongly encouraged to apply for other forms of financial aid, including grants and loans, by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Texas A&M University
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(979) 845-3236
(979) 847-9061 Fax

* Funding each year is subject to change depending on fiscal constraints, levels of enrollment, and other conditions.

Veteran Services Office

Texas A&M University has a long-standing tradition of association with the military. Students receive both federal and state veteran education benefits in programs like the Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty, Post 9/11 GI Bill, Reserve Educational Assistance Program, Yellow Ribbon Program, the Hazelwood Exemption, State Tuition Reimbursement Assistance and more. More can be found at https://veterans.tamu.edu.

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